Back pain? Five things to do immediately

Back pain affects all aspects of your life. It can stop you from working, prevent you from sleeping, it even hinders your parenting. The following five things are steps you ought to take immediately in an effort to sort this pain out once and for all. Please ensure that you consult a professional with regard to your back first.

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Sleep differently

Have you ever slept with a pillow between your knees? A lot of pregnant women and mothers are probably nodding at this point. Doing this ensures that you are not putting your back under any unnecessary strain and also allows your spine to fall into a neutral position. It may take a little getting used to, for you and your significant other, but it could make a huge difference and doesn’t cost you a penny!

Replace your mattress

If you have been in possession of it for in excess of seven years, it could be time to replace your mattress. Of course, the length of time you’ve had it is not the sole factor to be considered. If you turn it on a regular basis, you may be able to add an extra couple of years onto its lifespan. An aging mattress can prevent your back from getting the support in bed that it desperately needs. Perhaps consider the new best organic mattress, which is made with comfort and support in mind according to Birch Living.

Improve your posture

It may sound like something an older person would say, but try to avoid slouching. Doing so not only looks odd, but it can also make back pain worse. Good posture is important in all situations. Try to sit or stand upright with your shoulders relaxed and your back straight.

Using a computer on your knee is inadvisable as this can add to your pain. Having a workplace assessment to ensure your desk and chair are suited for your height is advisable. In the meantime, try to keep your feet flat on the floor and consider a cushion (not too thick!) behind your back to ease the pain.

Strengthen your core

Exercises to strengthen your core are advisable, but, as with all physical activity, do check with your physician prior to embarking on something new. A good personal trainer will be able to draw up a plan unique to you and your requirements. It may hurt a little at the start, but having a strong core will really reduce the pain whilst giving you increased strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Get on the move

When we are in pain, sometimes we crave our beds and the comfort they bring us (or can – see point 2!). However, doctors now regularly prescribe movement and light exercise to improve back pain. Resting your back can make things worse.

A day or two at most of the rest is recommended. Walking a couple of times gently around the block is a great way of keeping active. Moreover, try to avoid long periods of inactivity e.g. sitting on the couch watching the television. It may feel like ‘just what the doctor ordered’, but you’ll regret it when your back undoubtedly feels worse later on.