Does Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

Many women want long and beautiful hair, but they just can’t have it. Your hair can’t grow in one day and that’s something normal. You need to wait sometimes months to past so you can see just a few inches of new hair. With hair extensions, you can solve your problem quickly, and you can have long and beautifully styled hair in just a couple of hours. You can visit the for details about hair extensions.

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There is something that everyone wants to know, and the question is are hair extensions causing hair loss? You can lose your hair because of many different factors. We will try to answer your questions and try to explain everything there is to know about hair extensions and hair loss.

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The types of hair extensions

There are many different types of hair extensions. You can get your hair extensions glued to your own hair, taped, clipped or micro looped. It depends on the style of hair extensions if they are going to be on your hair for a longer or a shorter period of time. And something that also depends on the style of hair extensions is how will your hair be affected.

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Depending on the style and type of the hair extensions some are safer and some are not. Some may cause you less damage to the hair and some may cause a lot of damage. And the important thing is to buy some good and quality hair extensions. If you want to read more about quality hair products, visit Jadore Hair Supplies.

Glue in hair extensions

When you are getting glue in hair extensions, that means that a section of hair is going to be glued to your scalp, as close to the hairline. For this method, it is very important to go to a professional because if it’s not done the right way the glue can seriously damage your hair. Also, you shouldn’t remove the extensions by yourself because you can pull out your hair, and a professional is using a special solution that will dissolve the glue.

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Clip in hair extensions

If you don’t want a permanent solution then you should get clip ins. They are semi-permanent because you can put them and take them off anytime you want. But because you are attaching the clips to your real hair, you can damage your hair. If the extensions are very heavy than your hair can become very thin where your extensions are clipped.

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Micro loop hair extensions

The method that can last you for up to nine months is micro looping. This method includes a small strand of hair that is looped around your hair and then clipped. This method is known to be the one that will damage your hair the least. But you need to be careful because if there are too many strands added to your hair, they became heavy and that can damage your hair.

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So in conclusion, hair extensions can damage your hair, like any other thing that you do to your hair. But if you do it in moderation, and you are very careful which method you are using, where you are getting your hair extensions, then you don’t need to worry. So the best advice we can give you is to go to a professional if you want to get hair extensions or to improve your hair growth. And if you do that, it will significantly lower the risk of any hair damage or hair loss.