5 Types of Bathroom Mirrors & How to Choose the Best One

Can you imagine a bathroom without a mirror? In many homes, it’s the focused part of this so-called room. There can be smaller types, one of them, or a few of them, then a big one that covers the wall above the sink, or bathroom cabinets that have mirrors installed over them. Choosing a mirror doesn’t seem like some difficult task, but when you go to the store and see the different types and designs, you will easily get confused because of the huge offer. And that’s the moment when the difficult things begin. You will find at least three mirrors that fit your bathroom, but you will have to choose only one that fits nicely to your home.

It may come as a surprise to you, but there is a difference between the bathroom and regular mirrors, so it’s not the greatest idea to get any mirror from the other rooms and place it there. You can do that, but it’s not recommended, because the bath type should meet some standards. They should be made of tempered glass, which undergoes some treatments before it’s shaped, so in the case of breaking, it stays in its place, and you can only throw the whole frame away. Other types can burst into tiny and sharp pieces. Bathrooms are places where we have a bath, and it sometimes can be full of condensed water, and a lot of things can happen that we don’t really want to talk about today – but you know what we mean.

Another feature of this type is the lamination of the glass, so they are easy to clean after use. The usual mirrors are made by spraying silver or aluminum on the back. And that’s the reason why the bath types are sold separately in different sections in the stores. So, keep this in mind for the next renovation – there is a reason why the bath mirrors are a product for themselves. They don’t get foggy and greasy that easily, which is the main feature and standard these products should meet.

So, depending on the style and the general design of the bedroom, and getting inspired from BRICO-VALERA.COM, you can choose:

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1. Mirror with interesting frames

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The glass by itself isn’t something special, but when put in a frame, the whole story is taking another path. Depending on how your bathroom or the whole home looks, you can choose simple frames, or you can go with specific designs. You can even find someone who will make them for you, and you will have a unique look. If you are choosing framed mirrors, you have to take one for every available sink, especially if you have a big bathroom and more than one sink. That’s a popular bath design for big houses, and you can’t do anything with only one smaller mirror. Also, the most practical one is the mirrored cabinet, which gives you enough space for cosmetics and hygienic products.

2. Illuminated types as a nice addition

The complete illuminated frame is a more appropriate choice for the bedroom or the room where you take care of yourself. For bathrooms, you can choose smaller ones, that help you focus on the critical parts of your body, and resolve the issue. These mirrors help us see the skin pores and damages, and usually come with enlarging glass, which improves the whole experience. Usually, they are placed near the bigger one, and you can adjust their position or the level of illumination.

3. Over the wall above the sink

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This is another practical choice for those who need a more visible space in their bath. As you suppose, that’s a huge piece of glass that is installed above the sinks. No frames, no specific designs, just a huge mirror, and a lot of visibility together with it.

4. Decorative mirrors

These models have visible areas, but also the frames and decorations take a huge space. But they look stylish and elegant and we can’t fight against them. You can choose different shapes and sizes, put them together, and you are getting a unique piece for your home. And there are plenty of them. The choice is so big, that you can get confused once you get in the store and see the offer. They are installed on the wall, and you can choose circles, clouds, hearts, or any other shape you can imagine. They are usually smaller than the rectangular ones because the design is taking a lot of the precious space, but in smaller bathrooms, they can make a great fit.

5. From the ceiling to the floor

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We are talking about a full-length type, which is great when you want to make the bathroom look bigger. But, be careful where do you put this mirror, because maybe you want to see yourself having a bath, but using the toilet is not the most pleasant image of us. Or, if you have a separate bathroom from the toilet, it’s a great solution for situations like that.

Not using a bathroom mirror is also a matter of choice

Some people avoid using mirrors in the bathrooms because of the cleaning. They have some in a hallway instead or in the bedroom. Even though this happens rarely, these people want to avoid the response of cleaning the mirror all the time, after every shower, because no matter how they are made, there will always be condensation over them that if not cleaned properly, can leave white stains all over the surface. That’s one of the reasons why they choose to have a small one above the sink, so they can see themselves as they wash the face, but for other needs, they use the other ones in the house.

As you can see, you have a lot of choices, and we mentioned just a few of them, so you can have an image of what do you want, or what you don’t want, and visit the store completely prepared.