4 Things to Know Before Your First Appointment With an Orthopedic Surgeon

In these increasingly dangerous times, even the smallest of injuries and wounds can cause your bones, muscles and ligaments to get over-stretched and damaged. That’s why it is necessary that you check in with an orthopedic specialist if your doctor suggests doing so or even doing regular checkups with them to find out the root cause of your pain.

You may need to see these professionals whenever you get in an event that puts too much physical stress on your body, such as after a road accident. As these events have started increasing more and more on a daily basis, the number of people that have started booking an appointment with a reliable orthopedic surgeon has also started increasing. If you too are looking to book an appointment with a reliable medical professional, then you can check this website to do so.

Booking your first appointment at an orthopedic surgeon can be an arduous task, especially when you consider the natural trepidation many people have before going to a doctor. Going to these medical professionals also means putting your body under their hands which causes nervousness and consequently confusion over the various things they should know about before visiting an orthopedic surgeon.

If you too are planning to visit an orthopedic surgeon in a short period of time and are confused over the things you should know about before your appointment, then don’t worry because we have you covered. In this article we will go over the various things you should know before your first appointment with a medical professional. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

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Make a list of the questions you are going to ask

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Going to a medical professional naturally entails asking them various questions such as what treatment they are going to do, what medications you will be taking, the maximum limit for the recovery time, etc. This not only helps you initiate engaging conversations with your doctor that ultimately helps you get better results but also helps you mentally prepare yourself about the treatment you are about to receive.

The problem is, many people forget about the questions they are supposed to ask when they finally arrive at an orthopedic surgeon’s clinic and miss up on all the potential information they could have gotten from their visit. This mostly happens due to the nervousness and anxiety of going to a medical professional. That is why we strongly recommend that you prepare yourself with a set list of questions that you want to ask your doctor during your appointment.

Actually writing down the list of questions in your smartphone or a piece of paper helps you remember the contents of your queries extremely easily which allows you to effectively communicate with your doctor. This is a very simple and effective trick that helps you remember all the questions you want to ask your doctor by eliminating the chances of you ever forgetting something.

Keep notes and records of your pain

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Your orthopedic surgeon can benefit a lot if they know exactly what’s causing the pain in your body before they begin the surgery or read your reports. While your public medical records can provide basic knowledge about your injury and pain, they can sometimes prove to be inadequate for your doctor.

That’s why many orthopedic surgeons recommend that you keep a personal record of your pain when carrying out your day. Get a personal journal and record whenever your pain hikes up the most during the day, whether a specific activity causes the pain to be highlighted and the time when your pain leaves you less mobile and functional than before.

Record this information in a precise and detailed manner and list down exactly where your body aches the most during your pain. While we realize that it may be hard to do when you are in pain, the information you can record during these times can prove to be extremely valuable for your doctors as it can help them to operate on you better.

Bring your medical documents and records

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When you first experience your pains, there is a very minimal chance that you automatically assume that it has something to do with your muscles, ligaments or bones. On the contrary, we can safely assume that you first visited a general doctor to find out what’s causing the pain and from there, you got a recommendation to your orthopedic specialist.

This is how usually things go and thus you should have a large medical record trail of your pain and injury. This includes everything from lab reports to X-rays and even medical prescriptions. Make sure that when you consult an orthopedic specialist, you bring these documents along with you for their reference and perusal.

The reports will help them identify the type of pain you are facing and how they should go with their medical surgery. Your medical records can also introduce some new additional insights about your pain that can provide your specialist with a new outlook on your injury.

Try to explain your pain in as much detail as possible

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While your doctor will ensure this happens either way, you should nonetheless prepare yourself for explaining your pain and injury in as much detail as you can. This includes everything from when the pain started acting up and what activity caused it. You may also need to give additional details such as the time it took you to consult an actual medical professional and what home remedies you applied to fix the pain.

They may also ask you your currenti diet, exercise plan and how much time you spend in a particular position throughout the day (such as sitting in your office). After all, your orthopedic surgeons will be working closely with your body to identify the source of your pain and injury and thus, the more they know about your body the better it is for them.


There are several things you should know before your first appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and we hope this article helped you realize most of them. If it did, please consider following us for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.