How Thick Should Your Phone Case Be

Some people like their phones exactly as they are and do not like their cases and covers to change (spoil) the original look of the phone. However, despite being useful, smartphones are quite fragile and very sensitive to external influences. You must keep in mind that your smartphone is constantly exposed to the risk of accidental falls, shocks, contact with water, and various other dangers.

A cell phone case is one of those things that we may or may not have to buy. Those a little clumsier people can’t and shouldn’t imagine using a phone without a mask. However, some people want to feel the phone in their hand, so the mask only spoils their atmosphere. Today’s smartphones are very sensitive to shocks and scratches, and damage is very easy. Gone are the days of the Nokia 3310 being indestructible.

Phone cases, however, protect the phone a lot from scratches and other damage. In addition, today there are covers made of different materials, different designs that make the phone protected from damage but also interesting in appearance. There are also personalized ones for all those who like that the image of their loved ones is always with them.


But how to choose the right phone case, one that will not only have a satisfactory design, but also one that will serve the purpose for which it is intended? Masks made of different types of materials can be bought on the market – plastic, silicone, leather, and even metal. The main feature of all these materials, except leather, is that they can be easily manipulated. We can also emphasize that plastic masks appear in more colors, images, and patterns – for all lovers of aesthetics.

The cover is a great solution for the overall protection of the device because it covers the corners, edges, and back of the phone. Ideally, the cover hugs your phone tightly, covering all of its edges and the edge of the screen. Also note that the cover you select allows you to use headphones, speakers, microphones, chargers, and all external buttons without interruption.

In addition to the primary task of protecting your phone, the cases are selected according to what you most often use this device for. For example, if you are someone who spends a lot of time watching videos, it would not be bad to take a mask that also serves as a cell phone holder – a pop socket. If you are a person who does not like to carry a lot of things, choose one that has a compartment for money and a bank card.


If your phone is in your hands non-stop, you often send messages and have a lot of conversations, look for a mask that suits your needs. So, consider buying silicone phone cases or some type of plastic case. These masks only protect the back of the phone. This way, your screen will be free and visible. And the phone is always ready to use.

Silicone and plastic masks are often also the cheapest, and they come in a variety of colors and shapes with which you can personalize your cell phone and give it personality. Such masks are thin, do not disturb the appearance of the phone, and allow a better grip.

We can’t say anything special about the thickness of the case, because there is no specific thickness that you can choose, but more attention is paid to the material of manufacture. The better the fall protection, the heavier the cell phone cover. Consequently, the cell phone also becomes heavier, and being overweight is something that can bother you. Therefore, try to weigh how much protection you really need. That is, consider whether it is more important to you that your cell phone and mask are lighter or safer.

For many, the main category when choosing a cell phone case is the price. As with everything, most people will look for the optimal price-quality ratio. The Internet is therefore of great benefit to us because we can browse countless stores with just a few mouse clicks and when we have found what we want, choose the best option on offer. On you can find more about phone cases.

How to properly protect your phone?


We have already mentioned that different protective cases can be found on the market, which differ in appearance and material. There are also those flaps that perfectly protect the phone from scratches, but unnecessarily from falling because if the cover is opened during a fall, the screen could break. Therefore, the perfect solution is a phone case in combination with protective glass that is glued over the screen. Like the cover, the protective glass is chosen according to the phone model. Protective glass provides the highest level of screen protection, and not just from scratches. It protects the screen even from shocks, because in such cases only the glass cracks, and the screen remains undamaged, of course when it comes to shocks of moderate strength. Protective glasses can be of different thicknesses and different qualities, and another advantage of them in relation to the protective foil is that they are easier to place on the phone screen.

The prices of protective masks can vary depending on the material and the quality of workmanship. Today, there are many stores that offer masks at very reasonable prices, but it is important to know that the quality of such is very often questionable. What is more important is that you choose a more durable and high-quality one even if it means you will pay a little more. Our recommendation is that when you buy a phone, you should buy a mask and the problem solved right next to the phone.

You don’t even have to worry about the look of your phone, because modern covers are made in numerous colors and patterns, and you can often design them yourself. The most important thing is to be aware that you must optimally protect your device in order to serve it for a long time!