4 Qualities to Look For in the Best Adult Block Games

Adult block games are popular and are turning up in more places than just backyard barbeques. Besides small gatherings and picnics, you’ll also find them in restaurants, bars, and parks. It’s such a simple, yet exciting game – and a great game for all ages.

When you’re looking to purchase your own game set, make sure to take some time and do a bit of research before you buy. You want to make sure that you make the best possible purchase. Listed below are some top qualities to look for when buying a block game set.

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1. Durable Hardwood

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First and foremost, the base quality of your materials needs to be quality. Invest in a durable material like mahogany wood blocks for your game, because they’re going to take a beating. Your blocks need to be able to withstand being stacked and dropped repeatedly if you want them to last for future games. Hardwood block games are the best option because they can withstand heavy weight, falls, and general wear and tear better than cheap wood or 2 X 4s.

2. Quality Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship is every bit as important as using quality materials. Make sure that the company you purchase your block game from takes pride in their work. You can ruin a great product with poor workmanship, so be sure to read the reviews before you buy.  Some outdoor game companies even offer printed blocks with pictures of mountains or hills, to keep guests entertained while playing.

3. Portability

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You may have already designated a spot in your backyard for your new block game set up, but make sure the blocks themselves are easily portable. You don’t want to try to carry out a load of blocks when it’s raining or you’re in a hurry. So, make sure the game set comes with a durable bag for easy cleanup. The added bonus to portability is, of course, being able to take the party with you wherever you go.

4. Added Entertainment

Try to find adult block games that have attractive patterns on the blocks. Knocking the blocks is definitely the exciting part that people anticipate. Surprise your guests with a block game that has a pattern or puzzle etched into the blocks. It will give your guest a little bit of excitement as they set up the game and maybe even some encouragement to stack the blocks for the next person.

Block Game Deal Breakers

Don’t invest in a cheap product! Find yourself a set of hardwood blocks that have a good exterior finish for added protection. Make sure that the blocks are smooth and finished so that you don’t have to worry about splinters or damaged edges. Decorative or printed sets make for the best gifts, or to simply upgrade the look of your outdated block game. Or you can go the extra mile, and make a game by yourself.  The bottom line, you want a quality product that is well made, stylish, and will last over time with repeated play.