Best Car Manufacturers

Let’s see the biggest players in the vehicle production in the world.

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1. KIA

This manufacturer’s headquarters are based in South Korea and it is interesting that Hyundai, another car manufacturer, has a part if the ownership of this company. This manufacturer has been making its breakthrough during the past decade and it is becoming more and more present on the European and Not American markets. Its unit, Rio, even boosted the company sales by 9.6%. The most important characteristic of KIA’s units is the fact that they are affordable.

2. Toyota

Toyota is one of the biggest vehicle manufactures in the world which is proofed by the number of units that they have sold so far. They have the biggest market share of all manufacturers. The company’s headquarters is in Japan, but this manufacturer is mostly known for being number one seller in the USA. It also offers vehicles for all social classes, and the prices for new vehicles range from 15000 USD to 34000 USD.

3. Nissan

Another manufacturer form Asia, Nissan is slowly beginning to take its place on the market. This Japanese company has made its breakthrough with the model called Datsun which has been sold in 2018 more than any other. The manufacturer has the reputation of good combination of good design and price range so you can even buy a new and very reliable and stylish car for $12,780. The emphasis is put on the combination of performance and style.

4. Fiat-Chrysler (FCA)

This came as the merge of two great manufacturers in the automobile industry. The company was created by W. P. Chrysler in 2014 and it is one of the giants in the automobile industry. Currently, based on the sales, it is on the seventh place of all car manufacturers. They strive to bring innovations and great style designs in the industry and they have the units at the total worth of 49.02 billion USD.

5. BMW

This is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the world with great tradition and great units. The mere name, i.e. BMW, can say you that you should buy that car due to the tradition it has since the company has been working since 1917 and is still progressing and continuing to be one of the top players in the automobile industry. The total asset worth of 188.535 billion EUR is the amount that speaks for itself. Their cars are simply great in terms of design, materials used, safety features, but, they may cost a bit more.

6. Volkswagen

German cars have always been seen as the most reliable ones, and the situation is the same with this manufacturer which is considered to provide the most reliable affordable cars for the middle class. Its tradition and a century of making cars give it the right to dictate new trends on the market. They produce various kinds of units, from cars to even trucks, buses and vans. It needs to be said that the units can be bought for a reasonable price and that is their biggest advantage.

7. Ford

Ford is one of the American industrial giants since it is the epitome of the domestic car in the USA. Its tradition goes back to 1903 when it started its production and it has continued to make great vehicles since then. It is also known to make various models and thus make the unit available for each and everyone’s taste.

8. Honda

This is one of the biggest manufacturers in Asia and it has the production of not only cars, but it also has great motorbikes. Its domination on the Asian market is witnessed by its enormous revenues there and the market share in Asia.

9. Hyundai

This manufacturer is based in South Korea and is taking not only Asian but the world market as well. Its history started in 1967 and its breakthrough happened in 1986 when it started to sell cars in the USA. It is good to know that this manufacturers launches new models every year and they are always advanced in comparison to the previous ones. In 2017, Hyundai generated $76 billion of revenues.

10. Daimler

Daimler is the owner of some of the most prestigious automotive companies in the world, such as Mercedes AMG, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Bharat, Mitsubishi Fuso, and Setra. It is thus the biggest and most known manufacturer in the world since it made the revenues at the amount of 153.261 billion EUR. They make very luxurious but very modern and safe vehicles and the most know ones are Mercedes Benz’s.