7 Best Compass Apps of 2024

Many people today, especially younger generations, never actually needed to use the compass and to them, it represents some old device that shows where the north is. These devices are replaced with smartphones, GPS systems, smartwatches, and other modern gadgets.

The main use of a compass is to help you in determining your position with the rest of the world. Compass is necessary for people who love to go to any uninhabited parts of the world, like deserts, mountains, or jungles.

Today, with advanced technology, anyone who owns a smartphone can have a compass as a simple app which you can easily download from the app store. The only difference between the standard compass and the app is that some apps are not so accurate like the real one.

The biggest advantage of using the app instead of the real compass is that you can have a lot of other functions, like a barometer, altimeter, or GPS, while standard compasses are more accurate, and they don`t require a battery, which will eventually run out on your phone while using it outdoors.

However, if you prefer modern technologies, but still want to use the compass sometimes, in this article, we are going to recommend some of the best Compass Apps from the 2019 that you can download in your app store.

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1. Digital Field Compass


The Digital Field Compass App has over 100,000 downloads and the overall score of 4.2. Most of the users say that this app is the best basic compass app on the market today, and also it is free. The size of the app is only 1 megabyte, so you can download and install it in less than a minute.

The Digital Field Compass has the same functions as a standard compass and represents a simple app that can help you with navigating and positioning. Also, it has a manual declination for any magnetic interruptions.
The biggest advantages of this compass app besides that it is free are simplicity, accuracy, and the Nighttime Mode. Also, there might be some troubles because it is basic, with none of the advanced features, so the user has to know how navigation works while using it.

2. Compass 360 Pro


The Compass 360 Pro App is one of the most popular compass apps in the store. It has over 10 million downloads. Also, it runs only on Android OS. First of all, this app is free to download, and its other biggest advantage is that it can show us both magnetic and the true north.

You can use this app as an actual compass, and you don`t need the internet connection for it. Furthermore, this app is very easy for use and has a great simple design. The only downsides are that there are no additional features, and some users might be annoyed with the adds. Also, it uses more of the battery than it should.

3. 3D Compass Plus


The 3D Compass Plus App can run on both Android and the IOS. This app doesn`t work as a standard compass, but it represents a fun way of learning how to navigate. The 3D Compass uses the combination of GPS and Camera in your phone to illustrate your position.

Furthermore, this app can show you the coordinates, speed, time, and address, all that on one screen. Also, it is free to download. With all these features, this app represents one of the most interesting Compass apps on the market, which can help you to understand how the process of navigation works. The only disadvantage might be that it can`t be used as an actual compass.

4. Altimeter GPS Pro


The Altimeter GPS Pro represents a professional app that gives us a lot of information besides being a standard compass. This app shows us the speed, address, weather, coordinates, and many other pieces of information, which makes it the best free app for both Android and the IOS.

Besides the precise pieces of information, one of the best features is that you can use a lot of different maps while navigating, some of them are aerial, hybrid, and there are more. The only downside of this app is that it might be too complex for amateurs.

5. Smart Compass


The Smart Compass App represents another basic compass that you can install on your smartphone, in this case, the iPhone only. This app uses a simple format and provides us with some useful pieces of information on one screen.

The app is free, and it uses Google Maps to show us the position. Also, it has a night mode, digital compass mode, and a telescope mode. There is an interesting feature that you can get with the Pro version that you will have to pay, and it is the metal detector.

The best benefits of this app are accuracy and simplicity, while there maybe should be some other additional features. Also, this app is not for beginners, since you should be familiar with the process of navigation and how it works.

6. Compass 55


Compass 55 App is the combination of GPS and a compass. This app is one of the most complex compass apps on the market, with a lot of functions. With Compass 55, you can track your direction, navigation, speed, routes, weather, and many more.

Furthermore, this app uses Google Maps to show you the routes and position. Also, you can add your map server in the app. Many of these features are available in the free version, while some of them, like map server, or offline mode, are available in Pro version only.

7. Gyro Compass


The Gyro Compass app represents a real old-school compass on your smartphone. Its functions are the same as the original compass. The main advantage of this app among others is the ease of use. Also, this app is free and can be used for both, IOS and the Android.

This app has no additional features like maps, speed or tracking. It only serves as a simple compass, only with some small upgrades, it can show us the magnetic strength and has a slope indicator. Also, this app is not for beginners because it requires some knowledge about navigation.