Why You Need To Check Your Kids WhatsApp

Nowadays, every child has a cellphone. From one point of view, parents feel more secure because they know that their kid can contact them at any time in case of any kind of emergency, small or big.

On the other hand, having easy access to the Internet, chat rooms and social media platform, your kid is exposed to a certain number of threats. When it comes to checking their children’s phones and reading their messages, some people find it unethical while others are all for it. In the following text, we are going to give you some reasons why you should do this.


Firstly, there is cyberbullying. Horrifying statistics say that over 25% of teenagers have been bullied this way at some point in their lives. Furthermore, only one in five of those adolescents reported it to their parents who then take some legal actions. This is both sad and scary.

We are surrounded by stories about children who have been suffering in silence for a long time. Yes, we are sure that you have an open relationship with your kids and that they know they can come to you for anything, however, children usually feel ashamed in these situations. They think of themselves as worthless and they don’t want to disappoint their parents.


If you have noticed any changes in your child behavior recently, but they don’t want to talk to you, which is common among teenagers, it is okay to go through their WhatsApp messages from time to time. There are numerous third-party apps you can install, that will allow you to see all the messages. If you want to learn more about them, check more at https://xyspy.com/.

Secondly, the Internet can be a scary place. There is not a single thing a person cannot find online. This is a great thing if they want to explore some interesting things or learn something new. However, adolescents usually go the other way and visit adult websites. If a child is exposed to this type of thing at a really young age, it can have a harmful effect on their development and psyche. In addition, there are numerous chat rooms that your child can easily become a part of. Unfortunately, some of them spread negative messages and even hatred. This is definitely something a person in formative years doesn’t need.


What’s more, if your child is a part of any online community it means that he is communication with many people, and not all of them have good intentions. If you stay on top of your kid’s online communication, you will be able to recognize if they are endangered in any way and act accordingly.

Lastly, many teenagers are not aware of the fact that they can become victims of identity theft. They tend to share photos and personal information with their “internet friends” without thinking about the threats they are exposing themselves to. As a parent, you have the power to understand how unsafe this can be, thus by checking your child’s messages you will be certain that they have not shared anything too personal.


As you can see, the main goal of almost every parent who tracks their child’s smartphone and reads their messages is to protect them. Often, kids are too young and immature to comprehend the risks that the Internet poses, and that is when an adult has to step in.