5 Best Free Making Music Production Software in 2024

If you want to produce music, you don’t need an expensive studio and a large recording room to start producing music. With the technological advancements, all you will need is one of the best music making software that will help you create a versatile studio out of your bedroom.

But what are some of the best music making software you can install on your computer and get started today?

That’s what you will find in this post, so keep on reading because you won’t only find the best music making software – yet you’ll also find only free software that won’t cost you anything to start working on your dreams!

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Best Free Music Making Production Software

Depending on your operating system, you might have a bit limited options – but if you’re using one of the most known OSs such as Windows or Mac OS – you’ll be fine!

It doesn’t take a lot to create quality music directly from your laptop or computer and these free music making software is proof.

1. GarageBand


GarageBand is one of the most user-friendly music making software out there. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Mac OS (Apple computers & laptops), but it’s definitely one of the early software that started making a change in the way music is made.

Even though GarageBand is more of entry-level music making software – it’s free and it’s more than enough for a talented musician who’s just starting to record music.

No matter how skilled you are – you will be able to start producing songs in only minutes. We believe that GarageBand is a great stepping stone to mastering your skills before investing in better music making software such as Logic Pro. If you’re looking for the best MIDI’s for Logic Pro X, here’s a quick guide from Guitar Junky.

Of course, there are a couple of downsides you have to keep in mind. There is no way to connect and control external MIDI devices, but it’s still a powerful yet free tool that’s ideal for creating your own home studio.

2. Amplitube Custom Shop


Amplitube is must-have music making software for guitar players who were wondering what is needed to record input directly from the guitar.

Not only do you get to record your own guitar sound, yet Amplitube is full of additional effects. You will even be able to set up a fully functional rig including stompboxes, amps, cabs, mics, and even rack effects.

What would cost thousands of dollars in person – you get to experience all of the equipment for free using Amplitube Custom Shop.

Its functions are a bit limited, but it’s a light version of Amplitube 4 who’s price can be hefty for some guitar players.

But having a way to play your electric guitar and record it for free without even having to own an amplifier is pretty awesome from Amplitube!

3. Bandlab


Bandlab is one of the oldest audio workstations for music producers. It has been updated recently and it was supposed to be Gibson’s platform – yet they halted the production. This made Bandlab introduce the software for free to all users – which is pretty great if you ask us!

It’s one of the most complete music packages out there where you can do advanced mixings and music mastering on an unlimited number of tracks.

It even features studio-quality effects and all sorts of other comprehensive features that make packages everything one would need to make music directly from the computer.

Even though the software has no flaws at all – there’s just one thing you have to keep in mind. It’s only available for Windows users.

We’ve noticed that it even works on the 64-bit mix engine which is really amazing considering that this software will cost you nothing at all!

4. Tracktion T7


Tracktion T7 is one of the most versatile software out there since it’s available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux OS.

This music making software is very similar to GarageBand in its interface, but it features a bit of addition that could scare off a complete beginner.

But stick around you will learn how simple it is to make music since this software has no limits on audio and MIDI tracks.

Our favorite Tracktion T7 feature is the ability to scale down each music production window you have running so you can still keep an eye on all of the windows and even adjust the settings in each window.

Having all of them in one place is the key to successful music production and you’ll love the ability to connect all your DJ equipment.
If you have a bit of a budget to find the best DJ equipment for beginners, NetbookNews has plenty of great tips and product selections to help you out!

5. Klevgrand SyndtSphere


If you’re in need of synthesizers for your digital music production – Klevgrand SyndtSphere is one of the most accessible software out there.

This software is loaded with 70+ presets that can help you find the sound you’re looking for, change your style, and they’re even able to fit in with almost any music genre there is.

The interface is user-friendly and we believe that the sound design is rock-solid since it has a great number of sounds lurking around.

One thing’s for sure. You will end up playing with this software for hours before producing something quality.

But is it going to be worth it?

It’s definitely going to be worth it!



There is no perfect time to take your talent to another level and start working on your own music production!

There’s also no excuse anymore. These software aren’t only free, but they’re also the best ones out there. Therefore, instead of renting a studio or learning everything there about music production – give any of the software a go and see where it takes you.

Our guess is that it won’t be long until you master the user-friendly interface these software include. And if you stay consistent – who knows where these free software could take you?

In the end, you might end up switching to a better-paid software thanks to the solid foundation you had with these free software.

What music genre are you interested in the most? Which one of these software do you like the most?

Get started producing your music straight away – and then come back and let us know how did it go in the comments below!