Best Online Music Entertainment Platforms

Many of us are addicted to music. Music can help us get through anything. Sad, happy, energetic, it can be whatever you want it to be. It will help you dance, laugh, and cry, and sometimes all of it at the same time. That’s why we now have numerous different online music platforms that are designed to enhance our music listening experience. They enable us to find and listen to music, make playlists, watch live streams and interviews, train the platform to offer us the music we might like based on what we listened in the past, share our music with friends and much more. However, there are a couple of giants in the music streaming business that makes it hard to compete, but smaller platforms are slowly finding their space.

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With over one billion hours viewed per month, 26 billion views per month, and 400 thousand videos uploaded, Vevo is definitely one of the leading platforms in the music streaming business. Many artists have found their way onto the platform. Vevo is working with them in order to find the best ways to introduce their music to the world. Not only that, but Vevo also works with emerging artists helping them grow and reach their full potential. Their originals and exclusives are something to look forward to.


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The Chinese Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) has a unique and interesting take on spreading the music. They allow people to find and listen to music, share and interact with others. Watching, performing, and socializing. That’s what Tencent Music Entertainment has to offer. Their music library is backed by diverse user-generated content. There are short videos, karaoke videos, live streams of music performances, and more.


This platform offers live streams, interviews with artists, movies, concerts, and more. High-quality videos, smooth-viewing experience, and numerous features make this platform amazing. Furthermore, VIXY offers you a way to manage, publish, monetize, and analyze your videos. You can also stream sports videos to your viewers. The platform truly has a lot to offer and you’ll only know how much if you try it out.


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This is another excellent streaming website that offers amazing sound quality, themed playlists, on-demand playback, live streams, concerts, and even some backstage exclusive content. You can also get early access to certain concert tickets and sports events. However, there is no free version and some of the platforms mentioned in this list offer a wider choice of music content. There are always new updates that are constantly working on improving your experience. And it all started with Jay Z describing Tidal as the future of music streaming.


This platform was formerly known as Rhapsody and it offers around 42 million songs, and that number is increasing. They also partnered with iHeartRadio in order to offer the interactive streaming service called iHeartRadio All Access. You use it on iPhone, Android, iPad, Kindle, and Windows Phone. So, on everything. Of course, they will suggest some music you might like based on what you’ve been listening to.