Best Man Worst Jokes During His Wedding Speech

We have the best man jokes and there are some very sick best man speeches. Have you witnessed any or given one? Read wedding jokes willed with black humor.

The highlights of the best man speech are best man jokes. But what if it goes south? As the best man, you will make the best man speech and open with best man speech one-liners. These one-liners may be best man speech opening jokes, or even best man speech jokes. But it’s no news that things don’t always go as planned.

The perfect funny best man speeches. Well planned, hoping for great execution and roaring waves of laughter. Only for you to ruin a wedding and turn the bad guy when you say it. It’s happened time and again with best men ruining ceremonies with black wedding jokes.

To be honest, these guys had good intentions of making a funny best man speech. But the ensuing funny best man speech jokes were a total disaster. Hence we ask, how sick can a best man joke get? Let’s see some weird joke stories.

The Bet

This is about best man who took a bet with pals on when his best friend and bride would get divorced. The worst part is that he made the situation into funny best man jokes! Truth is he had good intentions, but he lost a friend in the process.

The best man, some family, and friends each predicted what year the couple would divorce. Whoever gets the year right, gets the pot. But if the couple stayed married for more than that, the couple gets the pot.
He was eager to tell that part of the weirdest ever best man jokes for speech. But nobody was having it, because the bride burst into tears and his friend was furious. I mean, who makes such sick best man wedding jokes? He posted his story on Reddit and insists he meant well, hoping they’d look back and laugh.

This sparked off reactions from readers, with some saying he was cruel for ruining the day. One asked if he’d go to a baby shower and place a bet for when the child will die. Another stated that it was trashy and he’d cut anyone who did that off! The question is why the couple would care about winning $3000 in 2041 also popped up. But it wasn’t all bad news, as some readers had different views.

A lot opined that the couple had no sense of humor and were making themselves victims. A man even said if it happened at his wedding, he’d look back and laugh. Someone also felt it was funny, but he should have run it by the couple first. He said he wished his best man would say it at his wedding. He would take it in because he’d know the best man meant no harm. We really hope that the best man and his friend restore their friendship. They were friends for a decade you know, but a funny best man speech ruined it all.

Throw Backs

This is one of the funny best man speech examples I’ve come across. The best man went for the jugular with the bride. He, to everyone’s shock, said something that left jaws hanging. Hear him.
“It is a celebration of my best friend’s wedding to his bride today. I am happy my friend is taking in someone in his life again. But the truth is that we are here only because a good woman died. Without which, my friend would not see the need to get married again. I wish him the best.”
The groom’s wife passed on 12 years ago.

He clearly insinuated that the bride was not good enough. He also took the shine away from the bride and made the day about the ex-wife. You can imagine how the wife and guests felt. Stunned!

The Loose Talker

This is one of the most insensitive best man speech jokes I ever heard. Although the best man tried to be funny, he ended up ruining the bride’s day.

He said, this is a beautiful wedding and I am happy to see my friend get married. He loves his bride and I know she loves him. I see the way they look at each other all the time.
He said a lot of good things and the guests kept nodding.
Until he said…

…but guests who are really married know that marriage isn’t real until the kids come.”
Guess what? The bride was not fertile! We can’t imagine how she felt. Very awful, we think!
Best men need to better with best man jokes. We have lots of best man speech ideas for you to choose from on Wedding Forward. Wedding jokes with black humor do not sit well with everyone, as we. A wedding is a place of love and laughter; your jokes can make or mar. Some couples may also find it appealing, who knows? It all boils down to your kind of fun.