Four Inch Elevator Shoes

Some shoes and boots make men appear taller than they are; they come in different height increasing values, one of which is the 4-inch elevator shoes. They are about 10cm high and provide elevation for men and even women alike. This increase in height is usually achieved with regular boots or a pair of low cut boots.

It does not come as a surprise that some men wear these kinds of shoes, not when the shoes look fantastic, are comfortable and trendy too. As seen online, some of these 4-inch elevator shoes appear like a monster, and so men will naturally be drawn to them.

The four inches elevator shoes come in different designs and styles to suit your taste, there are the ultra-formal dress shoes that come in glossy black and will fit perfectly with tuxedos, there’s also another kind of dress shoe (the classical gentleman’s shoes) that can be worn for business and formal events. And then there are the simple and elegant shoes which are smart enough to be worn while on the move or while on duty — not forgetting the versatile elevator shoes that can function as a formal and casual shoe all at once.

For each design of shoes, there are many other designs embedded in them, as well. The ankle boot is an excellent example of this; they are amazing and come in different fantastic colors. Ankle boots are best suited for men starting with elevator shoes for the first time; they also look good on jeans if you wish to pull off a casual look.

Guide to Elevator Shoes

If ladies can wear high heel shoes, then guys too can wear elevator shoes. Hence, if you have always wanted to be taller than you are, then there is nothing stopping you from going for elevator shoes. And no, you won’t be laughed at, no one will even notice anyways. So go ahead and rock the shoes to your heart’s content.
Elevator shoes not only elevate your height, but they also help to boost your confidence, make you stand taller, and eliminate sloshing.

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In the end, there are two options to elevator shoes; you are either going to love them so much that you can’t do without them, or they aren’t just meant for you. However, whatever you may think of elevator shoes and whether or not you think they are suitable, it’s great to know that there is an option you can explore if you wish to add a few inches to your height.

According to, if you choose a high-quality pair, the only person who is ever going to know you are putting on an elevator shoe is you, you can opt for the ones with more inches, or you could settle with what you are most comfortable with, the choice is yours. Just as long as you purchase the right pair that goes with your outfit, you wouldn’t ever regret your decision to buy elevator shoes.