Best Online Surveys For Kids 2024

Most online survey sites aren’t meant for kids. But there is a good portion of them that do allow registration of children 13 or above. While anything below that is a far stretch, and very few countries allow for kids 12 or younger to work, there are some that kids can use. These are mostly for consumer research, such as toys, blankets, etc.

However, regardless of the age requirement, kids still need permission from their parents to participate in online surveys. Taking into account that the parent has allowed it and supervised, we bring to you the best online surveys for kids in 2024.

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1. Swagbucks

A known player in the industry, Swagbucks allows people age 13 or above to use their service. For young teens, permission from their parents is required and what they can mostly do is play games, read emails, watch videos, and of course, refer their friends so they earn points.

While there are many ways for a young teen to make some lunch money on Swagbucks, it is of utmost importance that the parent limits their activity on the site.

2. PanelPolls

PanelPolls is one online survey site that kids age 6 or above can participate in answering questions. This service is strictly for kids, and most of the topic is centered on family matters.
Stuff such as what the kid likes and dislike, what their family likes & dislikes, are most of the ways that can be earned money.

Most parents fear that these websites might have inappropriate content. Well, you don’t have to worry a thing as PanelPolls is extremely safe, and it’s their intention to stay that way.

3. KidzEyez

Yet another online survey strictly for kids age 6 or above, KidzEyez has a very rare A+ rating on most online validation websites. The maximum age requirement for kids on this site is 12, although there have been examples of older children participating.

KidzEyez conducts all of its topics aimed at children in accordance with the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule) regulations. This means that your children’s personal information is safe and it won’t be shared in any way shape or form.

To sign up on the website, you must make an account yourself, and then you’ll receive your child’s invite.

4. Toluna

When it comes to online survey websites, Toluna is yet another major player that has been well-established in offering safe services to young teens.

Indeed, Toluna has a minimum age limit of 13 where everyone registering enters a special group where they receive safe questions. The legitimacy of the website should never come into question, as Toluna works with some of the most established companies and brands around the world.

You can receive links through mobile texts and you can stop the survey at any time by simply messaging “TOLSTOP”. On more information about the best kid’s surveys, make sure to visit

5. VIP Voice

This platform works differently than most others on our list. VIP Voice rewards you after finishing one in the form of points that can be rewarded for action points to win great prizes.

The thing is that your kid, 13 or above, cannot decide what he wants to win. If he does, there is a very real chance that he will win something huge.

It is precise because of it as to why VIP Voice is so popular with young teens. Most of the rewards come in the form of vacations for your kid and the family, trips to Disneyland, and things of a similar kind.

6. MySurvey

If you’re familiar with Lightspeed Research, then chances are you’ve heard about MySurvey.
Upon visiting this website, you will instantly notice the similarities between both.

On MySurvey, teens age 14 or older can sign up with their parent’s permission. Most of the questions or reviews are very short, so you shouldn’t expect your kids spending lots of time on the platform.
Most reward up to a dollar, but your teen can earn some lunch money through referrals.

7. OneOpinion

The partners of this company are very much interested in what teens age 13 or above have to say about certain topics.

This is a different type of online survey website, one that specializes in opinions, rather than watching videos. Although you can also do that, the parts mostly want your kid’s though regarding certain toys and similar things.

The great thing about this service is that your kid can earn much more if he gives quality and honest opinions regarding matters. OneOpinion has a sort of prequalifying phase where they determine which participant is of the utmost quality.

OneOpinion mostly allows withdrawals above 25,000 points using PayPal cash.

8. SurveySavy

SurveySave has a mobile app that your kid can also download and earn rewards.
Truthfully speaking, you have the highest chance of earning a reward if you download and use their app; you get more work that way.

Another way your 14 or above kid can earn money on SurveySavy is by referring their friends.
This site is pretty straightforward and doesn’t have any point system. It works by sending you notifications regarding potential upcoming questioning and rewarding you in cash.

The company also pays you $5/month to keep the app installed on your child’s phone. You should, however, read their Privacy Policy as it does collect data but in accordance with the COPPA.

9. Valued Opinion

Meant for children age 13 or above, Valued Opinion works similarly like OneOpinion.
This site has quite a positive reputation and allows your kid to make money in several ways. First off, the best way to do it is to take surveys, review products, participate in groups, etc.

The most you can earn is by actually giving your opinion on potential marketing campaigns from the partners of this survey site.

By giving your opinion on whether you like what you see or not, Valued Opinion will reward you the most.The least to cash out is $10 and can be done so in multiple ways. Furthermore, this survey site has a brilliant score on TrutPilot and might be a good option.