Best Projectors Under 20000 in India

Projectors have the potential to transform your home into a theater. So, when you have your own projector, you don’t have the urge to leave your home and go to the cinema. This is some serious money-saving right there, right?

Naturally, before you make a buy, you should inform yourself about these devices. We are going to present you with the best projectors you can find in India, under the price of 20000 rupees. Besides projectors, we are going to talk about some features that could potentially make your projector even better, and how they could influence your overall home atmosphere.

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Top Projectors in India Under 20000 in India

Now, we will present you with a list of the best projectors you can find on the Indian market under the price of 20000 rupees.

Egate i9 LED HD

Egate is probably the best Indian brand of projectors. Their projectors are offering a huge variety of projectors with features that will give you the best possible experience. One of their best products is Egate i9 LED HD projector which comes with a resolution of 1920×800. This high resolution comes with the projector itself, so in terms of resolution, you don’t have the need for any additional features.

This projector comes with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, which is ideal for customers who look for better image quality without any black bars. Having the projector of the highest possible quality prevents you from getting eye defects in the later stages of your life. It has different interfaces that ensure there are so many options for connecting with your TV, PC, or laptop, including USB, SD, VGA, HDMI, and AV.

BenQ MS 506-P

Your search for a projector that offers the best possible resolution has come to an end. We present you with MS 506-P DLP projector a product that comes from BenQ. This projector with some of the best features you will ever experience. All in goal to provide you with the most pleasant experience, and exceptional image quality. Plus, it offers 3200 lumens ANSI brightness SVGA resolution of 800×600.

It is probably one of the best projectors for a small to medium space in your home. It features an MS504A which is cost-effective and 13000:1 contrast that will provide you with the best possible, clear representation. This representation is big enough to spread across the room. This device features the latest technology which ensures that the environment doesn’t suffer from its projections and sound.

Egate i9 Miracast LED HD

We already talked about how Egate is popular in India, and how their products are of the highest quality. Now, we are going to present you with another one, Egate i9 Miracast LED HD. It comes with an HD feature which provides 800×480 and 1920×1080. i9 has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a large screen of 120“. It has 30000 hours of LED life, and with this feature, it enables its users to have a pleasant and uninterrupted experience.

Plus, i9 features the 120 ANSI brightness and the 1500 lumen which provides you the eye protection and the highest possible quality you can ask for at the same time. Other than that, i9 offers a plethora of device connectors like SD card, USB, VGA, AV, and HDMI. This home projector comes with a set-top box and a pen drive, BlueRay, and GVG, which will offer an excellent experience for any movie lover.

What Features You Should Look for in a Projector?

There are several features that you should look for when buying a projector. Have in mind that all of these are pretty essential for having an excellent experience from projectors.

Contrast and Brightness

The quality and brightness of the image are formed on the projector. It could be either from vacation pictures or a movie. This is one of the most essential features for any projector. Before making a buy, you should always check for yourself by visiting stores who sell electronics on a regular basis.

In terms of brightness and contrast, LCD projectors always were a better option than causal DLP projectors. However, you should have in mind that both of these types of projectors have enough quality. The choice is yours, and it depends on what you want.


Resolution is the most important feature to look for in a projector. All of us love to have an HD experience without stepping out of our home. This is a really big deal for almost anyone. That`s why you should look for a projector who can project a complete HD movie or picture in order to provide you with the best possible experience. The best projectors who can be used for projecting a movie on either 1280×720 or 1280×800 screen, without black bars on it.


The next most important thing to look for in a projector is sound quality or audio. If you choose the best possible projectors on the Indian market, you will have no problem with producing the loudest and finest sound possible without any sound damage. For example, onboard speakers are not so good at producing a sound of the highest quality. In this case, you should look for additional speakers like 5.1 sound systems or 2.1 speakers who can produce the quality you need for your home.

3D Technology

Maybe you will be surprised by the information that you can get 3D video quality from home projector. This quality is pretty similar to the one you can find in cinema and HD TV. But you should have in mind that you shouldn`t base your buying decision only on a 3D feature. Simply, this is not a good idea. In this case, you would need to buy 3D glasses in order to get the best possible experience from your projector. 3D glasses can be both passive shutter or an active one.

Advantages of Home Projectors

As we already said, home projectors will provide you with the utmost quality of the picture, but there are much more advantages we would like to talk about.

Easy Installment

Installing a home projector in your house is pretty easy. You can install it at any location in your home. Usually, it’s not big, and it doesn’t use too much space. Plus, it’s lightweight, so you can move it around your home whenever you feel like it.

Life Span

Most of the projectors could live up to 5,000 hours. Because of this huge lifespan, projectors have the potential to replace devices with shorter life span. Some of them even come with a lamp that is easily replaceable.


Home projectors can be placed on every wall or table that you want. Also, as we already said, because it is lightweight it is easy to move, which gives the user enough flexibility to change the position of the projector whenever needed.

Low Cost

Probably the most attractive element of buying a projector is low cost. You can buy an exceptionally good projector at one of the lowest prices you can imagine.

3D Experience

Another advantage of having a home projector is 3D availability to project 3D movie, which are most times, limited to the cinema. 3D experience from home projectors easily beats TV quality, whenever 3D or classic resolution and picture.