Prepaway – All-in-one Guide to Complete Microsoft 98-365 Exam

Are you one of the many IT newbies looking for ways to get that golden IT opportunity? If yes, then there’s a higher chance for you to encounter, in any way, the different Microsoft certifications. Microsoft is no doubt one of the most popular game-changers in the field of information technology. As a result, its certifications have been dubbed as a notable method used by IT professionals, either to jumpstart their profession or calibrate their career.

For those planning to get into the Windows Server Administration role, exam 98-365 can be your stepping stone to success. But the question is ― how do you pass this tricky test? Don’t worry because we’ll break down all the things you need to know about the Windows Server Administration Fundamentals.

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Now, let dive into the preparation stage and get you ready for the tough yet pragmatic Microsoft exam.

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What is exam 98-365 all about?

Some of the important things we need to elaborate on Microsoft exam 98-365 are its format, number of questions, price, and the like. Do take note that Microsoft does not divulge the particular number of questions but normally would range between 30 to 50 questions in multiple-choice. In order to get that passing mark, you need to get 70 or equivalent. However, since there is no actual number of exam questions and there is a varying passing percentage, you should be able to answer the questions properly. Plus, there’s a possibility of the inclusion of non-scoring questions in the exam. The entire test lasts up to 50 minutes and is priced at $127.

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What are the exam objectives?

But of course, every exam is coupled with exam objectives. Through this, you’ll be able to walk through the topics in an outline form.

Microsoft exam 98-365 sorts out topics related to Server Administration, including installation, roles, performance management, maintenance, storage, and Active Directory. After covering all the objectives, you’ll learn how to set up, remove, update, and troubleshoot device drivers, as well as recognize storage technologies in different scenarios. The exam also demonstrates topics about Mail database servers, hardware components, server virtualization, remote access, and Web services.

Who must take this exam?

Whilst the exam is a foundational test, it caters to specific individuals with particular experience and hands-on ability. Microsoft exam 98-365 is highly recommended for people who already have a background in Windows Server administration, including its concepts and different technologies. Being familiar with topics such as system recovery tools, account management, and Active Directory is also very favorable. So, it’s better to gear yourself first with basic Windows Server administration knowledge before getting into this prestigious exam certification.

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If you think you are ready enough to take on the challenge, it’s high time to prepare for Microsoft exam 98-365.

Learn from the experts

Be on track and build your fundamental knowledge with the help of the training course offered by Microsoft Virtual Academy. This study reference is handled by successful Microsoft professionals, who have supported a lot of aspirants reach their dreams. This 5-hour course comes with 7 modules and 7 assessments, which allow you to study and check your proficiency at the end of each main topic. After the intensive training, you’ll be acquainted about server installation, maintenance, storage, performance management, and roles. Not only that, you will learn more regarding topics related to Active Directory. All the modules in the course are part of the exam objectives.

Hone your skills with brain dumps

There’s no better way to validate your knowledge and further hone your skills than answering some practice tests. Brain dumps are one of the most up-to-date resources that offer latest, real exam questions and answers. Some helpful brain dump sources to take advantage of include Prepaway, ExamCollection, Exam-Labs, and PrepAway. Prepaway is one of the websites you can trust. If offers files in .vce format that are easy to download and convenient to use using the VCE Simulator. Thus, you can check your knowledge, find your weak areas and prepare more thoroughly. In addition, these exam dumps are checked by IT experts that make them more reliable than before. Offering real testing experience, studying is made fun and efficient.

Avail of Microsoft’s official practice test

Featuring 164 questions, this highly endorsed material is a timed practice test with comprehensive answers and explanations. The great thing about this study resource is that it allows you to know your score report so that you can fill in knowledge gaps. As a result, you’ll be able to prepare systematically and further be familiar with everything associated with Window Server concepts. This online-based simulation provides you with practical experience in a work environment. Plus, you are guaranteed to cover all objectives through a series of questions.

Join the Microsoft community

For a more reinforced learning, be part of the Microsoft community and read on different forums and blogs related to exam 98-365. These are very helpful in gaining knowledge from Microsoft professionals, who have productively established their careers in the IT industry. Aside from that, you’ll acquire valuable tips, which you can utilize during your preparation and during the real exam.

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How does Windows Server Administration certification support your career?

After preparing and passing the exam, you’ll be surprised by the vast opportunities waiting for you. Now that you are well-appointed with the foundational knowledge, many companies will hunt you. This entry-level Microsoft credential helps you gain easy access to the IT career field.

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If you’re on the run for some exciting upgrades to your career, you’ll never be disappointed with MTA certification. Through its exam 98-365, you’ll not just equip yourself with basic understanding but also some profound skills. These two must go hand in hand so that you’ll easily create a mark among employers. So, your task is to have proper preparation using the most actual prep material, for instance, on Prepaway website and sit for 98-365 exam.

Thus let your certification do the talking and ace your most desired job position with the help of this Microsoft certification exam.