Best Pure Veg Restaurants In Chennai

Here Are The 10 Best Pure Veg Restaurants In Chennai To Satisfy Your Cravings 

As the trend towards pure vegetarianism has gained momentum in the last few years, finding restaurants that cater to the green way has become more accessible. Like many other metropolitan cities in India, Chennai boasts a dazzling dining scene, including a plethora of pure vegetarian restaurants. Go check off this list to relish the deliciousness of food.

If you’re on the hunt for scrumptious vegetarian delights in Chennai, look no further! We’ve curated a list of the city’s finest pure-veg restaurants in Chennai that promise to tantalise your taste buds. From traditional South Indian favourites to innovative plant-based creations, these eateries have something for every veggie enthusiast.

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#1 Kaidi Kitchen

Kaidi Kitchen is a popular pure-veg restaurant in Chennai for its jail-themed ambience, where the crew is dressed to match the unique setting. With an array of delectable vegetarian dishes, their menu is a haven for cheese lovers. Among the many temptations, their Cheese Fondue stands out as a sinful indulgence that is sure to leave you craving for more. So, try this cheesy goodness for an unforgettable dining experience!

#2 Pakwan

Pakwan pure-veg restaurant chennai


Pakwan, an exquisite pure-veg restaurant in Chennai, stands out as a true culinary gem. Beyond its elegant decor, the restaurant impresses with its delectable food offerings. Featuring a diverse and enticing multi-cuisine menu, Pakwan promises to spoil diners for choice. Their must-try delicacies are Paneer Dum Anari, Cheese Kurkure, and Lucknowi Tarkari Biryani, which are sure to delight and leave a lasting impression on every palate.

#3 Flower Drum

It’s a true haven for Veg Foodies! This pure-veg restaurant in Chennai’s motto is “consider the ethical reason to promote vegetarianism,” which surely resonates through its delectable offerings. Try their lip-smacking Chinese meals that promise to tantalise your taste buds.

Apart from its delightful ambience for dining with friends, it provides convenient delivery and takeaway options. Moreover, it stands as one of the healthiest veg restaurants in Chennai, priding itself on preparing dishes with minimal oil, catering to both taste and well-being in every delightful bite.

#4 Holy Grill

Holy Grill pure-veg restaurant


Holy Grill stands out as a unique gem among the barbeque restaurants in town. It offers a delightful twist with its exclusive focus on vegetarian delights. While most barbeque joints concentrate on non-veg kebabs and tikkas, Holy Grill has crafted a fantastic spread dedicated to vegetarians. Indulge in the superb Hara Bhara Kebabs and Chilli Babycorn, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the exceptional flavours and textures. This is a haven for veggie lovers seeking an extraordinary dining experience, where barbeque dreams come true with delectable plant-based treats.

#5 Kailash Parbat

Step into a delightful world of quirkiness combined with a delicious menu featuring North Indian, street food, and Chinese delights. This restaurant is a go-to destination whenever you crave mouth-watering chaats. Savour their must-try Chaat Platter and delectable Cheese Pav Bhaji for an amazing culinary experience. From the ambience to the flavorful offerings, this place promises an unforgettable dining adventure that caters to every chaat lover’s heart.

#6 Royal Indianaa

Royal Indianaa chennai restaurant


From the name it implies, Royal Indianaa serves authentic Indian and pure-veg dishes in Chennai. It is popular for its elaborate buffet with a wide-ranging spread; this restaurant is a haven for those seeking delectable vegetarian delights. A perfect dining destination for those who wish to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, Royal Indianaa caters to diverse Indian flavours and exquisite offerings.

#7 Delhi Highway

Delhi Highway brings the heavenly flavours of North Indian cuisine and street food to Chennai. The popularity of this pure-veg restaurant in Chennai is evident in the multi-faceted crowd, and the city’s foodies adore it a lot. Indulge in the rich and aromatic delights of Delhi’s culinary legacy as the restaurant takes you on a journey through the heart of India’s capital city.

#8 Food Nirvana

Food Nirvana pure-veg restaurant chennai


Food Nirvana, the new vegetarian sensation in town, is gaining the attention of all foodies for all the right reasons. With a vibrant and innovative menu, this restaurant has quickly become a favourite among food enthusiasts. Don’t miss their must-try dishes, including the delectable Curried Creme and Malai Broccoli, as well as the irresistible Ricotta Spinach Triangle and Dragon Paneer.

The Tandoori Platter and Tequila Creme Pasta are also must-orders, promising a culinary adventure that will leave you craving for more. Experience the magic of Food Nirvana, where vegetarian cuisine takes centre stage with a burst of flavours and creativity.

#9 Pind

Transport yourself to the charming world of a Dhaba at Pind! This restaurant, aptly named after the word “rustic,” has captured the hearts of Chennai’s food enthusiasts with its delightful North Indian and Punjabi cuisine. Its inviting ambience will let you delve into a rich array of authentic flavours.

From classic North Indian delicacies to hearty Punjabi delights, Pind offers a delightful journey that showcases comfort and warmth. Let your taste buds relish in their heartwarming dishes that have made Pind a beloved destination for those seeking a true taste of North Indian and Punjabi food in Chennai.

#10 Prive

Prive pure-veg chennai restaurant


Prive remains a lesser-known but popular pure-veg restaurant in Chennai with its mouth-watering vegetarian offerings. The menu boasts a diverse spread, encompassing Indian, Continental, Mexican, and street food delights. Be sure not to overlook their must-try Nachos, Chilli Paneer, Dahi Puri, Pizza, and the indulgent Kulfi with Rabdi.

Prive promises an unforgettable dining experience, where each dish is a symphony of flavours that will leave you craving for more. Take a flight on this culinary adventure and let your taste buds experience Prive’s delightful vegetarian fare.

Summing Up!

From savoury local dishes to flavours from around the globe, these pure-veg restaurants in Chennai are sure to provide you with a memorable dining experience. However, the city’s culinary extravaganza doesn’t end here. Get ready to stop at even more hidden gems as you explore the city’s diverse food scene.

So, the next time when hunger strikes during your stay at a hotel in Chennai, you know exactly where to head for a satisfying meal. Or you can choose home food delivery from Swiggy to enjoy the meal from your comfort zone.

Which pure-veg restaurant in Chennai do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below. Bon Appétit!