3 Best Radios for Airsoft in 2024

If we combine nature, fun, adrenaline, and guns, we get a sport that has been taking over for quite some time, and yeah, it’s about airsoft. Now, there are many aspects that make airsoft so popular and such fun and enjoyable, yet potentially painful sport, but a small bruise is a small price to pay for such an entertaining time spent running around, creating strategies, and covering your teammates while under heavy fire. If we take a closer look, there is some bond between people and guns. There is something about guns that we are simply fond of, and whether that’s the sound, the feel of power while shooting from a gun, or something entirely else, but that connection is there, and you either like or hate guns and gun-related sports and games.

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What makes airsoft so popular?

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The popularity of airsoft is quite understandable, as it is the best way to experience combat situations without having to actually go to some warzone. Even though paintball and laser tag are still quite popular, one can get the best and most realistic experience only via airsoft because the guns are as realistic and heavy as the real ones, and airsoft fields are much like those in real combat.

What about equipment?

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As for the equipment, depending on how much you want to spend, you can end up spending thousands on guns, clothing, bbs (airsoft bullets), and other protective gear, but even if someone wants to go small, there is an option, but certain pieces of equipment is a must. Of course, this must-have gear is about protection, and without goggles, participating is not an option, as bbs are small and can injure your eyes. Now when we covered this, one piece of equipment often gets overlooked, as people spend hours searching for guns, backpacks, and even flashlights, but what about radios? For those who take airsoft seriously and are highly competitive, having a radio can be a determinative point on whether you and your team will win or not. This is particularly important for airsoft battles that have a huge number of participants when keeping in touch with your teammates is only possible via radios as you are spread all across the map. Not to mention much better coordination of your potential attack and all the battle advantages that come with these types of attacks.
Yes, as we mentioned, radios are often overlooked, which is why finding the best and not that costly ones can be of great help, and there are two ways for you to do so, either continue reading or simply read more here.

1. Arcshell Two-Way

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Probably the biggest advantage of these radios is their size since they are about 4,5 inches long without an antenna, and because of that, they can easily fit into the hand. Besides that, this walkie-talkie is perfect for every weather condition because it is waterproof, so there is no need to worry about rain or snow. For only 2,5h of charging, you can use them for more than 90 hours, and because of the overcharge protection, you do not need to worry that it will use too much electricity. Arcshell radio can reduce the outer noises, which allow us to hear our teammates intense and clear, and since it can transmit the signal through solid materials, it makes it perfect for airsoft matches. If there are no buildings in the area, it can broadcast audio within 5 miles. Arcshell radio has 16 channels, and we can use the timer and set it to disconnect it when we want. The only disadvantage of this great walkie-talkie is the unusable VOX function, which is the main option that people look for because of the hands-free operation.

2. Motorola T200TP

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This brand is with us for a long time, so there is no need to present it further, since we all at least heard about it, and since it is here for so long, it means that it has a great quality. One of the best things about this device is the possibility of using the rechargeable battery, which is included when you buy the radio or standard AAA batteries. That is a great backup option for the airsoft party that is organized at the last minute, and you do not have enough time to recharge the walkie-talkie. It uses 3 AAA batteries, and it can operate for up to 30 h depending on the battery quality, and with the battery meter option, you will always know how many hours are left. The radio has 22 channels, and since it also has 122 privacy codes, it is easy to keep the conversation private. It can transmit sound in the 20 miles range, so there is no need to worry that you and your teammates will have a poor connection. These walkie-talkies are perfect for airsoft games because their only disadvantage is the worse quality of the sound on the busy roads and places with some distraction, but it is not something that airsoft players need to worry about. At Radiotronics, we recommend these radios to people because of its reliability and long battery life.

3. Midland – GXT1000VP4

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Midland radio is equipped with 50 channels and the possibility of checking the activities around you, which can be handy while you are playing airsoft on some open location. It has an NOAA system for weather scanning, and thanks to that, you will always be noticed in time if the weather is going to change, which can save lives in some situations. With a transmission range of 36 miles and 142 privacy codes, these devices grant us clear and loud communication with our teammates without external noises. For those who want all their teammates to hear the same thing, there are powerful external speakers, and because of the flawless VOX system, it allows us hands-free operation. Midland radio is waterproof, which allow us to play in different weather condition, and the belt clip can leave our hands free since we can hook it whenever we want. The only disadvantage is the inability to transmit and receive the signal at the same time, but it is expected to be fixed soon since it is important for airsoft players.