The Key Challenges of Developing a Fintech Application

Before you start developing a fintech application, you need to understand what difficulties you may encounter. Therefore, it is important to understand all the nuances and features of the development, which will save time and get the best result.

It is significant to understand that transactions with money will take place in the application, which imposes its characteristics on the software. If you know what challenges are waiting for during development, you don’t need to release critical updates that directly affect security.

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Fintech Application Development Market Overview

Fintech application development is currently one of the fastest-growing areas in development. The Global Fintech Market predicts that the global fintech market will reach $305 billion. These are huge numbers behind which companies choose this direction for development.

Although it is predicted that more and more companies will decide on fintech for development, companies do not think that, at the moment, it is not necessary to start development. Now there are only several companies that can make applications. Therefore, the development of high-quality software will be in demand.

Types of Fintech Applications


Various applications allow you to provide work for both companies and users. It is from this factor that what functionality of the application will depend. Therefore, before using fintech application development services, you need to understand what needs the application will close, and qualified mobile development consulting services can help you with this. Only in this case will the application be able to make a profit.

Digital Payments

Digital payments have become a large part of monetary transactions. Currently, leading financial services companies on the market already provide such services, such as PayPal, Payoneer, etc., and applications provide an opportunity to pay for goods or services without using a bank card. In many cases, this allows you to save money (for example, when transferring) and time. Payment using the digital app is faster.

Bank on the Phone

Many people no longer want to stand in long lines at banks to do basic money transactions. Therefore, the demand for banking applications is growing. A banking application is an electronic version of the bank branch. The essence of the application is the same, keep track of the balance, make payments, request statements, and so on. With the help of such an application, you can not go to the bank and have the same functionality.


Insurtech applications are specialized in providing information about available insurance. Customers will be able to find out what exactly the rhinestone kit includes and will be able to get the most benefit. Therefore, this type of application will be extremely beneficial for users.



Regtech is software used by financial services companies. The essence of Regtech is that users follow and comply with regulatory requirements. Regtech is a new direction, so providing quality services will be a priority. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at this area for those who are just starting to develop in the fintech area.

Biggest Challenges of Fintech Software Development

Before hiring fintech app developers, you need to understand the development difficulties. This will allow you to understand the deadlines and the responsibility that will be assigned to the developers.

Safety First

Security plays an extremely important role when it comes to money. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to exactly how encryption will take place and how users can secure their money. Even if the bank card is lost, it will be necessary to create such a mechanism so the card can be blocked. This is one of the most primitive options for securing a map. Also, developers can use double authentication or other additional methods of identity verification. Testing can be done using web app testing services, which can provide security guarantees.

Compliance With Requirements and Trends

At the moment, the demand for online banking is growing. And this is a fairly simple explanation. Millennials are developing a system of online applications, and this affects the banking system. Therefore, more and more banks want to have their application to be relevant to young people. Young people no longer want to wait a long time to make transactions with a card. Accessibility and simplicity are now in trend. Therefore, before creating an application, it is important to understand who will use it and its functionality. Only after that will it be possible to create an application that will be in demand.

Integration of New Methods Into Software


The integration of AI into the banking system can be quite successful. Often users want answers to questions that are similar. To answer such questions, you can introduce AI, which will give answers. This will save the bank employee time and make the system more automated.


Fintech development is a great way to find exactly the vector you can develop. There are many directions, some of which are just developing. Therefore, the development of high-quality software is a priority. It is also worth considering the obstacles that may arise during development. Knowing all the nuances, you can get a reliable application that users will use.