Best Small Recreational Vehicles in 2024

It’s true: most people don’t have $500,000 to spend on a rolling condo with quartz countertops and heated floors or similar posh recreational vehicles. However, many of them like driving in the desert, having a lovely picnic with friends or their significant ones or simply traveling around. And therefore, they might be searching for some solid solution to travel on their own, which is why they often prefer campers and RVs.

The practice of these has been on the rise for many years, but today we see a great increase in this style of travel. As a result more and more companies are dedicated to “camperize” or modify their vehicles, making them smaller and habitable to be a perfect home in which we can experience the best adventures during our vacations. Let’s see which ones are the most recommendable.

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Small camper vans

These are truly cool vehicles created as a mini-combination of van and camper features. It’s simply ideal to take the best nature excursions and a perfect model for those who want to enjoy their trips with full freedom. These vans are tiny, but their interior is renovated incorporating everything necessary to become a mobile home with the essentials for life on board.

The elements that are incorporated for conversion are water, heating, thermal insulation, furniture, refrigerator… The habitability zone of these vehicles is smaller than that of the rest of RVs, of course. But, on the contrary, having a lower height and width, it’s an easy-to-use model, as well as much faster on any type of road and with lower fuel consumption.

This kind of RVs is, in most cases, the most convenient for work and city trips on business days and transformed into housing on weekends and holidays. They incorporate minimal furniture, seats that transform into beds and small kitchen blocks. They can be used for a few travelers, couples or families with only one child.

And, if you want to check out some models, our warmest suggestion would be Volkswagen California. Offers a complete arsenal of equipment for our trip: folding table and chairs, a large bed formed by the rear seats, heating, extendable roof for another bed, kitchen, sink, awning, water tank, as well as a set of tables and chairs for the outside. There’s even a shower cabin that can be housed in the rear of the van. You won’t only have comfort, but also power, as it has several diesel engines with powers ranging from 102 to 204 hp.

We also shouldn’t forget Mercedes Benz-Marco Polo. Its exterior appearance stands out more as a passenger transport vehicle than as a camper van, with really good finishes. Inside, accompanying the premium aroma — with materials such as wood or leather — we’ll find ample equipment.

It has similar features like the previous one – the folding seats where the backs move to form a bed, kitchen, refrigerator, extendable roof, and water tanks. The power range of its diesel engines ranges from 88 to 190 hp, more than enough force to fulfill its task with ease.

“Cappuccino” type

These recreational vehicles have two different parts: the engine and steering cabin, which is the chassis of the van, and on the other hand the housing cabin. It’s unique and that differentiates it from the rest of the RVs of a similar type. The nasturtium is a highly demanded format since its manufacture is more or less simple and, what is more important, this model is able to accommodate four to seven passengers without losing comfort in common areas when we are traveling.

When we remain parked for several days in the same place, for example, in a campsite, this vehicle has the power to increase its space by placing extensible tents on side doors and trunk, which will also serve to protect us from rain and sun. The extension that this model has on top of the driving cabin, is designed to locate a double bed that provides more space in the living room and thus be used by groups or families of up to seven members.

For a larger group of people, but still, a model that belongs to the small ones, Mclouis Glamys 22 seems like a perfect solution. It’s available and comfortable even for up to 7 occupants and provides great comfort. Great for groups of friends and especially for family travel – the protrusion, which we have commented previously, contains a double bed, this allows greater availability of space inside, perfect for families or large groups of up to seven people.

“Profiled” campers

As in the case of the nasturtiums described above, these are composed of a chassis-cabin van and housing area. By not having a bed on the steering cabin, as the nasturtium has, they usually have less height which gives it more speed and less fuel consumption. On the contrary, the habitable zone is smaller. It’s the most convenient option for taking a short trip with a group of mates of with a family, as well.

What stands out is the aerodynamic design thanks to which we can have a saving of 15 to 25% in fuel consumption during a trip with this beauty. These vehicles traditionally have storage space above the driving cabin and a double bed at the rear, but the latest models incorporate another bed hung over the living room that expands its capacity to 5 occupants.

One of the best models regarding this type is Baron 73G, which is mostly used by couples, with a single fixed double bed at the back, leaving a spacious seating area. In case of not wanting to lose the common space, we find a folding bed located on the ceiling of the living room, which offers the comfort of always having the housing cabin divided into spaces for bedroom and living area, in addition to being approved to accommodate more people.

And an extra tip…

If you’re an adventure lover, you might want to check the website Skoolie Livin – a warm, lovely internet place and the story about two people who made a simple old school bus become their home on wheels. It’s perfect in case you want to find some lovely inspiration for reorganizing or choosing your recreational vehicles. You can thank them later!