Birthday Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Wife

Birthdays are a very special occasion, especially when it is your wife or girlfriend’s birthday. They are one of those memories that stay with you for the rest of your lives. If you really want to create a memory for your wife that she will cherish forever, you must think of a wonderful surprise or for a way to show her your love. However, that kind of gesture is not as easy as it sounds. Picking the right birthday gift can be a pretty difficult task, especially if you have been together for a long time. If you have spent several years together, you have probably already spent all of your great birthday ideas already.

If you really want to surprise her with something heartwarming and unique, you cannot go for the regular jewelry option or just a bunch of makeup or clothes. You will have to be much more innovative this time if you want to give her the impression that you still love her as the day you first met her.

Here are some unique birthday gifts you could surprise your wife.

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Get her a weekend at the spa

A spa is one of the best ways a person could truly relax, forget about all the troubles and completely get rid of all that accumulated stress. If you and your wife haven’t had any time together these last couple of months, then a trip to the spa for both of you is the perfect birthday gift.

Not only will your wife enjoy those deep-tissue massages, the baths, the pools, the soft robes, you will also have some quality time together that will strengthen your relationship. A birthday where both of you are together throughout the whole day can really leave a mark in her memory that she will cherish for a long time.

Special jewelry

Yes, we did mention that you should avoid regular gifts such as jewelry, but a more serious and expensive piece of jewels can really show that you care. Consider the type of jewelry your wife loves the most. Have you noticed that she never takes off her necklace? Does she always wear earrings when she goes to work or does she have a bunch of rings that she switches every two days?

This kind of behavior can show you what your wife really likes the most and you can then consider working with a jeweler to create the most unique and customized jewelry she has ever gotten. You can add in a special message or add the diamond that has been passed through your family from generation to generation.


Yes, this might seem like a very basic gift, but the idea does not have to end there. While a flower or a beautiful bouquet is always an amazing idea for a birthday gift, you can always combine the flowers with something else. Combine the flowers with a great night out at an expensive restaurant or a home-cooked dinner at home.

You can also put in the tickets for the trip to the spa inside the flowers. A bouquet of flowers enables you hundreds of other gift ideas that you had no idea how to deliver. For a great combination of lilies and roses as a birthday gift, check this.

Birthday cake is always a great idea

Who doesn’t love eating cake, especially one that is specifically made for that person’s birthday? At Hamperlicious, you can find cake ideas. However instead of buying her a custom made cake this year around, why not try to create one by yourself to show her that you truly will do anything for her. Although, if you do plan on baking a cake for her, make sure that you decide a few weeks earlier so you have some time practicing.

Search around online for the perfect recipe you are willing to bake and then try it out. If it is a success, great, if not, then you will have time to do a couple more tries. After you have perfected the cake recipe, you can make the best one yet and surprise her with it. Considering how much effort you need to put into making such a thing, your wife will surely appreciate it.

A trip down memory lane

If you have been together with your wife for a long time, it is time to remind her of all the special moments you both have had together. Whip out all the old photos, old cameras, and phones you have stored in your drawers and start sorting through them. Find the best photos that you think will trigger your wife’s feelings.

You may also contact your partner’s parents and ask them to send you a couple of pictures from her childhood or high school days. After you have finally collected all those photographs, you can put them on a canvas to create a gift full of beautiful memories. Your wife will be ecstatic at the idea and will have that canvas put up in your bedroom to look at every time she wakes up in the morning.

Go shopping

If you cannot decide what your wife really wants or needs, then it is time to consult with her. Or even better, when the day comes, take her with you to the mall and start shopping. Your wife will surely be happy when you tell her that she can choose and buy anything she wants without having to think about the cost. All those pieces of clothing that she spotted while walking around the mall, but never felt like spending money on them can now be hers.

You could also ask her a few months or weeks before her birthday about the things she wants. Make sure enough time passes so she forgets that you have ever asked her. Then do some searches online and get her those same things gift wrapped and ready for her.

Give her the freedom to choose

A gift does not have to be just something that you can touch. Take a day off from work and when she comes home, offer her your time and tell her that she can get whatever she wants. If you are free to give her all the time she needs, you will certainly make her the happiest wife. Giving your lovely lady the freedom to choose whatever she wants is the best way to go, and what’s better than air travel when it comes to showing her how much you care for her? Trips are always the perfect option because you’re offering an experience rather than an object that eventually will get thrown away or forgotten. You can give her the precious gift of air travel and visit together and let her choose everything – allowing her to select where to go and when to travel. With this gift, you really can’t go wrong!