How to Block Youtube Ads and Stream Online Without any Interruption in 2024

Started in 2005, youtube is the largest free video-sharing platform. it has over 6 billion hours of views every single month. Every minute almost 100 hours of videos are being uploaded on youtube. With such a massive number of videos, everybody rushes towards youtube whether for fun or knowledge.

It almost annoys everyone when a video ad pops up at the start or in the middle of the youtube video. Everybody wants to save time and watch the video without any interruption. This has been possible now with the help of a youtube vanced application. It is an advanced and light version of youtube holding all the essential features which the consumers want to enjoy for free on youtube.  It is such a big relief to have an app that can block youtube video ads and you can have your time on Facebook without any interruption.

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The most in-demand features for youtube:


With an increase in video streaming time of youtube videos, there is more demand for features like blocking the youtube video ads, playing the youtube video in the background, or download the youtube video in the form of audio-only.

Youtube has not given access to any of these features. So there is a big need for a convenient, simple, and accessible android app or browser for youtube ad blocking, video downloading, and video to mp3 conversion.

How to block youtube ads on android?

Almost everybody has access to smartphones. Youtube is one of the most visited apps by android users. And yes, they find youtube ads annoying and wish to block these ads. Surprisingly, according to a survey, youtube stands at second place in the list of displaying annoying ads. From a 30-second video ad to a series of 10-minute ad films, youtube is bothering the users. Although youtube has detached the 30-second video ad and it can be skipped after 5 seconds, it is still annoying to wait for the skip ad button to appear.

All these problems have only one solution which is to install a browser capable of blocking youtube ads. You can keep both the apps that are original youtube and the newly installed adblocker browser. It will not affect video streaming except for blocking the ads.

Blocking the youtube ads is the desire of a large audience. Let us see this ad-blocking feature in detail:

Adblocking feature for youtube videos:


Youtube ads in the videos are sponsored by the companies that buy youtube ads from youtube and promote their products and services through it. There is no doubt that the ads are more likely to increase in the future. The reason behind it is the goal of the companies to have their brands recognized by the public and promote their products.

The good news is that it is possible to block these annoying ads by downloading an additional browser with a built-in adblocker. It is time to unlock your most awaited youtube ad-block feature and say bye-bye to annoying ads. The ad gets blocked before it is even started.

The same youtube videos are streamed with no interruption and the high-quality experience of videos makes users long for getting the additional browser.

How to enable an ad-blocking feature on android?

After having discussed all the benefits of an additional ad-blocking browser, the only question that arises is how to enable the feature actually. The answer is simple and basic. It is definitely a piece of cake to do so now. Just plunge into the search bar of google and look for the app. Download and install it. Just make sure your phone has enabled installation from unknown sources.

Open the app and you will see the ads are automatically blocked. The video playback option will be right below the video being streamed. Background playback feature has its own zest. High-quality video plus audio downloading and all other features will add to the beauty of the app.

Happy streaming with no interruption at all!

Other impressive features:


It is necessary to have a top-rated app having billions of active users. The increasing number of consumers of the app is because of the quality video streaming. Of course, everyone wants to have the best of the best. You will not have to download and delete the apps, again and again, to check which one is delivering the features as promised. Reviews and ratings tell all this itself.

Along with the amazing ad-blocking feature, there are a lot of other convenient features to be enjoyed. Some of these are given below:

Background playback:

While streaming online videos on youtube, sometimes you just want to listen to the audio while using some other apps like Facebook or WhatsApp. There is no option on youtube to run the video in the background. But the problem can be solved by downloading an additional browser. You can download and enjoy the background playback feature for free. The good thing is that you can create a playlist of your favorite music and enjoy it in the background playback mode.

Video and audio download:


Who does not like to download their favorite music or video clips? Of course, you want to keep your favorite videos to post on social media or for the time when you will not have enough mobile data or wifi. It is possible to download high-quality videos of even 1080p. even youtube does not offer more than 320 p video quality. mp3 and mp4 audio download feature is also a hit.

Picture in picture mode:

According to the youtube terms mentioned in its help center, only premium members or the US residents having android oreo or advanced can use the picture in picture feature. This feature allows you to watch the video on top of another app. Through the specific browser, this feature is accessible and easy to use by everyone. Place the video wherever on the screen and enjoy streaming the video on top of another app.