6 Business Tools To Effectively Cope With Challenge Due To Covid-19

No one could have predicted a similar situation in which, unfortunately, the whole world found itself. Before we became a little more informed about COVID-19, the virus began to spread widely everywhere. Numerous lives have been threatened, some have lost the battle with this persistent pandemic, but many have fought back. On the other hand, the state authorities tried to successfully balance between the pandemic and the functioning of the state, because almost every other segment of the world of work was excluded. However, business was not allowed to shut down and lose the battle with the persistent pandemic – and it did not.

There are several ways that can help you maintain your business. Although the challenges of a pandemic are quite serious, there are certain tricks that can keep you on the right path to success. To help you cope with this type of challenge, we have created our list of business tools that will surely help you.

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1. Zoom

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Although the pandemic has paused a lot of things, find a way to continue your projects by holding online meetings, webinars, etc. We present a platform that is one of the most useful tools that can come in handy for your business during a pandemic. If you are not familiar with this online platform yet, we will explain briefly how it works. So, you can download Zoom from the Internet completely free of charge and use it via any device. Many people are delighted with its work precisely because of the simplicity it provides.

It has been shown to be excellent for video communications using a cloud platform for video and audio meetings or any other reason for communication that requires online communication. However, our advice is to use this application via a computer or laptop to enjoy all the benefits it offers. This refers to certain functions that are available through these devices as well as visibility, etc.

But this is certainly not the only way of communication among employees. There are many more apps that offer a variety of features and further enhance employee coordination. See this for more info.

2. Program for adding tasks, naming and categorization

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To be able to continue managing certain tasks as always there are specific programs that can help you with this. You can use them to set deadlines, start projects, etc. For example, Trello is a type of tool that you can use this way. It will make it very easy to manage tasks. You will get great results because you will work faster and harder and finish before the deadline. It is also an ideal tool for collaborative work.

However, this help works best when you are working on a specific task on your own. This means that they are not related to the project and that you are solely in charge of them. For example, you are in charge of providing customer support. A program like this will surely come in handy.

3. Filestage

Source: filestage.io

With these tools, you can very easily view and analytically access certain information. This primarily refers to the feedback you need whatever you do. However, this can sometimes be difficult and quite tedious when you need data that is not very specific. In that case, these tools will give you a great overview and you will check all the information.

It is possible to do really great checks in one place, which will mean equally to the individual and the teams. This applies to various things such as videos and other documents.

4. Consider digital tools

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We have already mentioned Zoom as a very good way to communicate online. However, this is not the only tool that is welcome in this situation. Digital solutions are the future, but the pandemic has decided to start the whole thing up a bit and bring this to use as soon as possible. However, if you have used these tools so far, simply use them even more. This refers to the creation of various video and audio content. Your associates and the entire business process will be grateful to you for this.

If you digitize every segment of your business, you will get created, edited and consistent content. Indulge in creation and strive for high quality when it comes to creating this kind of content. It can even be some animation or a podcast. An example of this is Buzzsprout. You can also use certain tools to communicate with your target audience.

5. Avast

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There is no point in working on the maintenance and advancement of your business if there is no cyber protection. Don’t allow all your efforts to be in vain when all your plans are ruined by a virus or a hacker. Of course, you can prevent that. It is important to protect yourself from software that has bad intentions. You can also use certain programs such as Avast to scan for security and other features.

 6. Zoho Recruit

Source: zoho.com

We present a great tool to help you keep track of applicants. This is an even better opportunity for small businesses that need workers. Either way, this tool works by having a few open positions in front of you that you can track. In addition, you have the opportunity to make certain changes, such as job postings and everything else you need to be able to choose a candidate.

Each company is specific and it is necessary for the workers to meet special conditions. Use this tool to make it easier to check their competencies. It also allows you to create a special message form that you send to all candidates. That way, you don’t have to constantly send the same messages.


We are witnessing a crisis that has affected every area of ​​work, but that is not the end. We can also see that the pandemic has shed light on deep inequalities. This applies to all those who were not lucky enough to have their business survive as well as to those who did not have the skills to use some business tools to improve the situation. We hope you are lucky, but after these tips you do not have to rely on it. We are confident that your business will continue to thrive if you take advantage of at least some guidelines.