Travel in Style Like a City Native - 2024 Guide to Car Rental in Dubai

Travel in Style Like a City Native – 2024 Guide to Car Rental in Dubai

Traveling through an expensive, modern and rich city, of course, you want to feel the same as the people who have lived here for a long time. Therefore, today it is worth lifting the curtain on the easiest way to achieve that feeling of luxury without having a huge budget of a million thousand dollars.

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Car Rental Options in Dubai

And the secret is simple – having an expensive car, and this doesn’t mean that you need to purchase it specifically for the trip. No! Since many tourists in Dubai want maximum ease of movement around the city and beyond, it is worth noting the presence of car rental companies, ranging from the most budget options to super luxury. For example, the online platform Renty provides car rental with a high level of service for both a day and a week.

Monthly Car Rental for Maximum Value

But the most profitable offer is monthly car rental, since the cost of rental per day is reduced to the maximum value. I would like to note that the services of this company are used not only by clients, but also by specialists themselves. This allows the company to fully understand the needs and requests of those renting cars from them.

Renting a Volkswagen in Dubai

Renting Tiguan in Dubai


Renting a VW Dubai would be ideal for traveling as a couple or as a small group. In particular, it is interesting to consider the Volkswagen Tiguan model. This is the first compact crossover from a famous German manufacturer. The name itself is a combination of the words “tiger” and “iguana”.

The Tiguan model is equipped with front-wheel drive, 17-inch wheels, a 2-liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 150 to 200 horsepower (depending on the configuration), as well as a 6-speed gearbox. No less attractive to the eye is its outer shell, which looks quite prestigious and expensive. I note that the rental cost of such a car is around $160 per day.

If you’re sure you want to rent a car in Dubai in 2024, here’s a helpful guide on where to start and finish your process:

online booking option for car rentals


The first step you should take is to compare prices and conditions from companies that deal with car rentals. Read and study customer reviews. Next, decide on the required dimensions of the car – be it a sedan or an SUV – it all depends on your needs on the road. Carefully study all the characteristics of the car, mileage, insurance, etc.

I note that it will be most profitable to book the selected car model in advance. For example, Renty has an online booking option that will help you prepare for your trip in advance and be confident in the outcome.

Review Rental Requirements

An obligatory step is to review all the requirements and rental conditions from the landlord and make sure that you meet all the parameters. If you have any questions, you can always contact one of the company’s specialists in a way convenient for you. You will most likely need a valid driver’s license, passport, and credit card to post the deposit.

Choose a pick-up and drop-off location that is convenient for you. Some rental companies also offer car delivery services, allowing you to deliver your car to your desired location.

Thorough Inspection

Thorough Inspection


When you have already chosen and rented a car, a mandatory step will be to thoroughly inspect it for any damage, scratches, etc., in order to avoid any kind of disputes and penalties. If there are any, then record them in your phone, and also draw the landlord’s attention to the problems.

Know the Traffic Rules

When setting out on the road, keep in mind that the traffic rules in Dubai are quite strict, so it is best to study them in advance. One last note: return the car in the same condition you received it and on time to avoid extra charges for using the car beyond rental hours. I also advise you to fill up your car’s tank if necessary.

By adhering to some basic rules, your trip to Dubai will become much calmer, and will also bring you a lot of emotions and pleasure. In a new city, you will feel at ease, save your nerves and strength, and most likely it will be difficult to distinguish you from the natives. Pay attention to the choice of an expensive-looking car and not necessarily a million dollars. Check out this article on hidden car rental fees and how to avoid them.