Casino-Inspired Fashion: How Gambling Affects Clothing Industry

The fashion industry is a global enterprise committed to meeting people’s clothing needs worldwide. However, this industry has always sourced inspiration from other sectors to create new design trends. No wonder the casino industry has influenced these artists and left its mark on the industry.

Casinos have always been high-end relaxation places for the upper elites to relax, socialize, and show off. Therefore, many trends, majorly for the high class, are pioneered in the casino. Whether you’re looking to purchase a million dollars worth of chips or are playing a no deposit casino game with 25 free spins on registration no deposit, casino patrons want to look good when doing their thing. Hence, casino fashion has always been associated with rich, powerful, and glamorous dressings.

The impact of casino clothing trends cut across various sectors, including street, high-end and cultural wear. This article will explore the multifaceted relationship between the casino and clothing industry.

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Influence of Casino Fashion on Formal and Street Clothes


From corsets to suspenders, casinos have left a bold footprint in fashion. Casino dressing has always been semi-formal. And designers have picked so much from this fashion style to other aspects of clothing.

Following casino fashion’s suit, formal wear designers have gone beyond the usual dark tux and shirt. In fact, top fashion designers like Gucci and Prada have added elements like big belts, chains, bling, silk shirts, and hats to the usual plain tux, making it more interesting.

Similarly, online casinos have led to people seeking casual but coordinated looks. A silk shirt tucked into a flannel pair of trousers makes for a casual look. Many streetwear took their coordination from casino fashion’s relaxed but organized style.

Casino Fashion’s Impacts on Movies and Shows


The movie industry also believed in immortalizing some casino-dressing styles. Therefore, seeing movies, shows, or characters modelled after casino stars is not unusual. These movies have helped further propagate casino fashion, making it easy to influence the mainstream fashion world with these ideas. Examples of these include:

  • Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack, representing usual occurrences in the Las Vegas ‘50s and ‘60s casino;
  • 2001 Ocean Eleven, set in Vegas and featuring extensive casino fashion trends;
  • James Bond’s impeccable styles that are similar to those of casino’s patrons.

Impact of Casino Fashion on Fashion Shows

Designers and other creatives draw their inspiration from different sources. So, don’t be surprised when you see some designs modelled after a known casino. However, some brands have taken it further as the world has seen instances where high-end brands organize fashion shows based solely on casinos. Some of these shows include:

  • Channel’s 2015 casino-themed fashion show featuring dressing and fashion statements related to the casino;
  • Moschino’s 2017 Vegas show gives every vibe of the casino, including casino games;
  • Michael Kors’ 2011 collections feature a vast representation of past casino trends.

Casino-Inspired Fashion’s Timeline


From the days of street betting to online no deposit casinos, gambling trends have been a lot dynamic. Since casino fashion has always been about class and hierarchy, it has also evolved due to world trends, available materials, and occurrences in the gambling world. The table below is a timeline breakdown of casino clothing evolution.

Timeline Casino Fashion Trends
17th century This is the start of gambling houses. Only formal attires were acceptable in gambling houses, and the dress featured three-cornered hats and masks
19th century This period saw the blowup of mostly western saloon casinos, seeing both male and female patrons. Female casino fashion around this era saw more ruffles and corsets
1920s With the strict regulations and prohibitions on gambling, it was more of a sneaky era. Therefore, hats were important to try to hide the face. However, that did not kill the spirit of casino fashion, as button-up suits and suspenders reigned alongside the hats. Women also discovered the beauty of wearing leather corsets over shirts
1930s Tux, bow ties and pocket squares were the rave of men’s casino fashion these years. Women similarly opted for long dresses with occasional gloves for the elites. The dominant colours among both genders in this era are black, white and red
1940s This period saw the departure of bow ties from casinos and ushered in regular ties. Women continued with the dresses but changed the stylings a bit, favouring sleeveless dresses and big earrings for a less formal approach
1960s Men’s casino fashion did not really change around this time. However, women allowed for more colours other than the previous years’ white, black and red. Jewelry also transformed, with fewer necklaces but more lockets and chains
1970s Popularly known as the disco era, saw fur emerge in female casino fashion. Furs were not worn for functionality but for the statements they added to the women’s dresses
1980s Women dumped fur in this era and returned to wearing their dresses as they had been. However, men’s styles changed slightly, with a high demand for silk, lycra and similar fabrics


Even before the advent of online no deposit casinos, the clientele of casinos was usually high-class, wealthy and deep-pocketed individuals. However, the pioneers of early casino fashion probably did not expect its current impact on mainstream fashion.

Casino fashion evolved over the years, impacting the clothing & lifestyle industry. Designers drew inspiration from past and present casino clothing trends, and movies modelled casts and costumes after them. This further emboldened casino fashion until it could be found everywhere.