Caring Tips for Flowers in Winters

Winters are cold and harsh in Canada, a tough and stiff time for everyone. The snowy months of December, January, and February can be deadly for our little bloomers. Flower Company,, is here to share the tips for flower and growth in winters and help you become a proper gardener.

The unpredictable weather can weaken the growth of flowers. The delicate nature of flowers should be preserved with the use of simple, caring tips. When you know how to care for them properly, you don’t have to start from scratch, when the season changes.

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Pointers to consider when winter hits


Caring for the flowers indoors and outdoors is different. The Outdoors plantation needs a little more attention than the indoor ones. Flower Co. is always prepared with preventive measures to care for your precious flowers.

Outdoor care tips

  • Trimming: Pruning and trimming are the grooming sessions for the plants, flowers, and vegetables in the winter season. Cut out the blackened stems and dead foliage to avoid the rotting of the flower all over. Black stems can lead to diseases during the winters.
  • Put in Mulch: With the beginning of the winters, put in a new layer of soil for the beloved flowers and plants. Adapting to the new soil during the wintery times can save your flowers during freezing months.

The mulch should be replaced as soon as you notice any stiffness in the soil and frosting of the soil as well. The frost can crack the soil, which weakens the roots and breaks the temperature of the soil.

  • Snow is Good for the Flowers: Who doesn’t love snow? It is no surprise that everyone at Flower Company enjoys the snowy season alongside their customers. Yes, let the snowfall cover your flowers. It works as an insulator between the freezing atmosphere and underground soil temperature. But the heavy snowfall can damage/break the branches and get heavy for a flower to bear.

Always begin from the lower leaves and branches to avoid any mishaps with the flowers. Monitor closely every other day.

Indoor care tips


  • Misty Flowers: Flowers thrive well in the humid atmosphere. Spraying them with little water twice a day in full winters can work well for your flower. Individual spraying mist over the flowers can help immensely.
  • A dusting of Flowers: Removing dust regularly is another caring tip for your favourite flower. The dust can block the pores which can make it difficult for them to breathe. Wiping them with moist cloth softly can give them a clean and fresh look as well.

Flower Company also follows the same caring tips for themselves. It keeps them beautiful and sensational, like always.

  • Enough Lighting: Every flower and plant needs fresh light to grow. In the winter season, place your flower pots in direct light. To make sure they receive enough light, keep moving them around the house, if necessary, to provide as much light as possible.
  • Water Reduction: Just like everyone, winters are slow times for the flowers as well. The slow growth of flowers required less water too. Do not overwater them. To check the moistness of the soil, put your finger into 2 inches of soil if it does not stick then water them.

Temperature Fall Care Tip


Cover the flowers when the temperature falls. Flower Company suggests you cover your flowers, if outdoors, with a tarp, thick towels, hard-bottomed cardboard boxes. Shelter your flowers as over the night temperature falls even lower and the heat of the day is a must for flower safety.

These covering items generally help in trapping the day’s heat inside and provide an insulation effect for the little flower.

Winter Blooms to cheer you up with colours


Most of the flowers keep their blooms hidden till spring, but some do not. Here is a list of nature’s amazing flowers that brighten up our humble abode with a sweet fragrance and vibrant colours.

  • Winter Jasmine: This is a winter flowering plant. They are hard, frost-resistant, and flourish as well as winter outdoor flowers. Protection from strong winds and necessity for the sunlight are some things to keep in mind.
  • Winter Heath: Cherish the mesmerizing colours of pink and white? Well, this is winter-flowering heather. The winter heath is one of the strongest winter flowers, even snow cannot affect their growth and beauty.
  • Rieger Begonia: The Rieger Begonias are the hybrid bred to flourish as winter flowering plants. The different vibrant shades of deep red, pink, yellow and orange. They just need indirect sunlight but a bright one, with a bit of extra humidity in the winters.
  • Snowdrops: As the name suggests, the beauty of snowdrops lies in the name itself. Snowdrops are the wildflowers for Canada. The small bulbs can be planted in early fall and will flower during winters. They are pretty to display among the pathways in winters.
  • Christmas Cactus: All varieties of the cactus plant grow in spring but the one exception among these is the Christmas cactus. They got their name because they flower once a year, on Christmas. They are suitable for hanging pots and baskets and are the easiest to care for.
  • Cyclamen: These are hardy flowers that can bear the harsh cold weather. The leaves of the cyclamen are very cold tolerant. Covering is recommended once the temperature falls below 30 degrees. The buds and blooms are to be protected only with light blankets.
  • Moth Orchids: Selected from the huge sectional varieties of orchids, Moth Orchids are the easiest to care for and to grow. With more than 60 species, they require a hot and humid atmosphere. The moth orchids can bloom for up to 6 months, once started.

These were some of the most tolerant flowers that can survive the harsh temperatures in Canada. Flower Company is available whenever you need us, even in winters, so start planting these bright beauties.


Flower Company always wants the best for its followers and every precious customer. These care tips for the snowy winters can help you to brighten your homes wonderfully, during holidays too. There are many more pointers, each can differ somewhat, but the basics are all the same.