5 Benefits of Channel Letter Signs for Small Business Marketing

How you brand your business store with signs largely impacts how many customers will visit your store and what impact they will have from your business. To ensure that customers keep visiting your store and get positively affected by your storefront, it is necessary that you utilize the best signs available on the market to do so.

According to The Letter Guys, one of the leading companies for installing signs for various storefronts in the country, a channel letter sign is one of the best types of signs for your store and can greatly enhance your business’s marketing plans. These signs come with tons of features and options that you simply don’t see in other signs.

However, since these signs are usually only used for malls and big commercial stores, there are several small business owners that shy away from these signs and opt for other options thinking that these signs don’t meet the marketing demands for small businesses. The thing is, this couldn’t be more false.

If you too are one of these small business owners who isn’t aware of the various benefits of channel letter signs for the marketing aspect of your business, then don’t worry because we have you covered. In this article we will be listing several benefits of channel letter signs for small business marketing which should provide you ample reason to install them on your storefront. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

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Channel letter signs are much easier to read

Source: tuppsigns.com

Because of their 3D design and large, bold letters, it is almost near impossible to miss channel letter signs even if it’s dark and the signs aren’t lit. This is a huge advantage for your business as it means that passersby will be easily able to see the name of your store even from afar. This visibility can be improved even further by installing excellent lighting options that make the store’s name visible for a long distance.

Even studies have found that many people report channel letter signs are much easier to spot and read than other types of business signs, regardless of their size or colour. If you want to ensure that the name of your store is visible to everyone around, installing these signs on your store is one of the easiest ways to do so.

They help your business create its own brand

Source: industrytoday.com

If there is one type of sign that boosts your business’s branding to the next level, it is the channel letter signs as they come with tons of personalizing options. These channel letter signs help your business create its own brand with their uniqueness and style that is rarely seen in other types of signs.

The signs are one of the simplest and most straightforward ways through which you can market your business. A personalized channel logo created in a way that reflects your business’s core values can attract the attention of all passersby who travel by your store, as well as give your business instant credibility and reputation as a reputed brand.

There are several lighting options

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While it is not necessary that you install lights in your channel signs, we strongly recommend that you do it so because of the various lighting options you get access to. These signs have tons of individual lighting options that can be applied to each individual letter. What this means is that you can, theoretically, create a sign that has every type of color in each little segment of the sign.

That is just crazy diversity and it is not simply found in other types of signs out there. These signs serve as an amazing attraction to your potential customers passing along the street for all 24 hours of your business. While these lights aren’t as effective during the day, they shine the brightest during the night and attract customers from all around.

Even if your store doesn’t stay active 24/7, having these lights on is free publicity for anyone who passes on the streets at night and can considerably hike up your brand’s sales. You can choose from tons of different lighting types such as front lights, back lights, front and side lights or even front and back light which each give different lighting effects to your sign.

Channel letter signs help your business spread eco-friendly awareness

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These signs are lit using LED bulbs which are extremely energy effective as compared to other lit signs that use neon or incandescent bulbs as a light source. These light sources are extremely energy inefficient and consume more than 70-80% of what LEDs consume for showing the same amount of light.

If you use channel signs, you can spread awareness about your brand being eco-friendly which is always a positive note to add to your business marketing. This will help you get more customers who believe in the green cause and are supportive of your marketing campaign, thereby increasing your reputation and your revenue.

The best thing is that along with the free marketing, you also save tons of money on energy costs that could have otherwise been easily spent if you had installed other types of signs.

Tons of customization options

Source: aboutsigns.ca

Each sign is manufactured from the start with aluminium as soon as you place an order. This sign is then designed in exactly the way you want it which means that you have a lot of say in how the sign turns out. You can decide how you want the sign to be and what color you want it to have in, along with its shape and size.

The end result is a sign that looks exactly like the way you’d imagined it to be. What’s more is that because of its foldable metal composition, even if you don’t like it, you can ask the company to modify it even after the process is almost done. This variety of customization options is rarely found in other types of signs which is why channel letter signs are considered to be the best for small business marketing.


There are several marketing benefits of using channel letter signs for your small business’s storefront and we hope this article helped you realize most of them. If it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.