9 Fun Childhood Indoor Games We Loved Growing Up

So it happens that you and your kids cannot go out these days, and you’re trying to think of fun activities you can all do together at home. Well, try to remember some of the great games that you used to play when you were little. You know, the ones you still love to this day. The kids will surely love them too because they are classics, perhaps a bit simple but clever nonetheless.

Your parents probably taught you how to play them, and this is an opportunity for you to teach them to your kids. So which are some of your favorites that you surely played all the time when you were little? Here are some of the evergreen games you’d probably remember, that stood the test of time and are kid-favorite to this day.

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1. Puzzles

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Puzzles are an excellent choice for getting those brain cogs to turn faster. They help kids learn about how to look at the whole picture and how to fit all of its parts, improve memory, concentration, and shape recognition among other things. We all started with easy kid puzzles with wooden pieces then later upgraded to cardboard ones and they all helped us learn problem-solving in a creative way.

Even as we got older the magic of solving a puzzle never went away. So if you’re a puzzle lover, there are so many beautiful and complex ones out there to fit your style and level of expertise. In fact, on sites like Pixels, you can make your own puzzles with art and photos printed on them so that they can satisfy that little kid in you and remind you of the good times you had solving a puzzle with your close ones.

2. Dexterity games

These are the types of games where you can show how good you are with your hands and feet, and also train your patience. Jenga is one of the most popular among the dexterity games. You don’t need to know the letters or the numbers like with some of the other games on this list, so even the younger kids can participate.

Some of the other popular dexterity games include Darts, Marbles, Pick Up Sticks, but also Twister and The Floor is Lava where you need more than just great hand skills. Bowling and Hopscotch can be indoor games too if you don’t live in an apartment above someone, that is.

3. Video Games

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Some video games don’t require a knowledge of numbers and letters, so they can be played by younger children as well. There are so many games, for all ages, so if your kids are 2-3 years old and above, you can find something for them too.

A few decades ago it used to be Mario, Tetris, Snake game, etc. Nowadays toddlers and younger kids start by playing simple games on tablets and smartphones since it’s easier, but later on play more demanding ones, with keyboard and consoles.

4. Board games

Just like with video games – there are so many board games with different levels of complexity, for different ages. The old classic ones we all know are Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Trouble, Clue, Risk, Monopoly for smaller kids, and more complex ones like Scrabble, Checkers, and Chess.

But today we have countless times more variety than we used to. Newer board games for kids are made with age appropriateness in mind, and with the desire to aid in cognitive development. So look at the age recommendations and enjoy the family time with board game galore.

5. Pen and Paper Games

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These are great simple games that you can play anywhere because all you need is a pen and paper, and a little imagination. Even small kids know how to play Pictionary, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Connect Four. And for those who know the numbers, and how to read and write there are Battleship, Hangman, Categories, and so on.

Whether in a doctor’s office, a restaurant, or at home, having a birthday party or just relaxing, these games are fantastic. It’s easy to just whip out a few pens and papers, sit down, and have fun with family and friends. They are uncomplicated yet smart.

6. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a very old game you no doubt played when you were little, so did your parents and grandparents, and your children will too. It is usually an outdoor game, but it can be played indoors too if you have guests, or you can’t go outside.

There’s no age limit here, you just need a bit of room for hiding. But you should be careful when playing this game with smaller children, so they wouldn’t hurt themselves. Be sure to set some ground rules at the beginning, what is allowed and what’s off-limits.

7. Treasure Hunt

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It’s not always easy writing the clever clues for a treasure (or scavenger) hunt that your kids will understand. But it’s not fun just for those who are searching around the house for clues, it’s also entertaining for those thinking up the clue descriptions.

You can make the clue tasks rhyme, so it’ll be even more interesting for everyone. On the other hand, if you have smaller kids that don’t know how to read yet but want to play too, you can use pictures instead of words.

8. Simon Says

This is a very fun family game because both kids and parents can enjoy it and it’s a great exercise for both the brain and body – everyone gathered together, waiting for the funny commands, wriggling, giggling, and jumping around.

Players, be sure you’ve heard the words “Simon says…” before you leap into action, otherwise you’re out of the game. So, let’s see if your kids can concentrate and listen well, and become the next Simon.

9. Build a Fort

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Building a fort is so much fun. Use cardboard boxes, pillows, blankets, etc. for the walls, and you should also have hooks, clothespins, and tape to keep it all together. Maybe start with the roof, but make sure it won’t fall by using suspension hooks for it.

Chairs, books, a ladder, or some other sturdy things can keep the walls in place. There are no rules to how an indoor fort should look like, so let your and your kid’s imagination run wild. You can paint it all and decorate it together, as a family crafts project. If there’s enough space, try making it look like a maze.

Final Thoughts

There are so many wonderful games that we used to play, that are still a fan-favorite even today. Kids love them, and so do their parents and grandparents. How great it is that three, or even four generations can find the same activities interesting, and can play together?! Talk about real family time indoors.

You don’t need a fortune to get them, for most of them you can use the stuff lying around the house. Making something yourself is such a boost for the imagination (and the ego). So enjoy the games with your kids, have fun and boost their skills. Playing indoors is not bad at all anymore, isn’t it?