Why Board Games Are Making A Comeback?

In an era where people are as busy as ever when the fast-paced lifestyles of ambitious workaholic men and women are changing the way we consume everything, old forms are bound to make a comeback as a respite.  It is evident in the case of board games too. You may check out the latest review to imbibe the influence of different types of board games on little kids.

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Reasons for a great comeback of the traditional board games:


  1. Develops a competitive aspect in building the personality of the kids:

The slow and leisurely activities which are time tested, and have kept generations before, in the non-digital age entertained are being invoked by the generation. The millennials are looking to these activities not only as a mode of spiritual redemption, within the hustle and bustle of the rat race that has taken over all aspects of their lives.

  1. Makes realisation of self-worth:

The self-worth in this age is being measured on various scales of social recognition of several platforms, in this time of seeking novel self-identities, these forms of leisure are acting as unique artefacts of the past, which will have to be picked up cherished and used to mould the identities of the individuals who are indulging in these.

  1. Emergence of house-party culture:

One big example of an activity which is coming back in vogue from the past is the house-party culture. This new trend very well captures the anxieties brought by the individualistic competitive life-style which distances individuals from each other mentally, that they try to make up for this through establishing physical proximity. These trends are in line with the trend of board games, which have accompanied them into the modern lifestyle.


  1. Helps in relieving stress with ease:

Every time, there is a need to break the awkward tension between the members of an odd congregation or to lighten up a party, it is these board games we look up to. These are much better at serving these purposes compared to the other form of party games like musical chair, charades, karaoke, etc. because they either involve certain special skill set or physical activity, therefore a lot of previous uninhibited social skill, which is not a strong point of this generation.

  1. Provision of good leisure time:

In a lot of other social settings, the people need such icebreakers like an interesting Monopoly or a good old checkers game to go with a rainy evening. Also Ludo, Snake and Ladder, etc. are all taking the leisure activities segment with a storm.

However, board games can be of various types and are fit for various situations.


Role-playing games:


Dungeons and Dragons or Cluedo involve an elaborate universe within which the game is situated. They are suitable for parties.

Tactical games:

Checkers, Chess, etc. are purely tactical games. They are bound by elaborate rules and are based on practised skill. They are played among experts and in championships. Yet they can be played by non-regulars, within a less competitive set-up.

Games of chance:

These are games, whose outcomes are purely based on chance. Great exemple of them are  snake and ladder. They are suited mostly for passing time and they are suitable for all social situations.

Games of chance and tactics:


These include games like Monopoly or Ludo, where, while there are some elements of chance determining the outcome of the game, the tactics employed by the players can also change the outcomes. They are suitable for almost all social situations.


In this piece we have concentrated on only traditionally known games, however, there are many modern-day alternatives as well. Hope, you have a great leisure time with these board games.