How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers? – 2024 Guide

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, March 8, graduation, or something else – there are many reasons why we give flowers to our loved ones and significant others. It is a symbol of attention and love, so it is often an indispensable part of significant dates. There are many modern and creative ways of arranging, packing, and delivering flower bouquets, and depending on the event, a different bouquet type is needed.

One of the most remarkable and special days in our lives is undoubtedly the wedding day, and that day, everything needs to be at its best, and it the same with flower arrangements. They are an integral part of every ceremony and wedding reception.

They create a mood, emphasize your style, and enliven the space. And we all know that when it comes to wedding decorations, the possibilities for using them are endless. That is why we are here to give you a couple of suggestions and ideas in order to make your choice easier.

You don’t need a magic wand to have a magical wedding. Good organization and creativity are all everyone needs. However, if you have no idea or no time when it comes to wedding decoration, a good thing to know is that there are specialized sites like, where flower arrangements look like they were from a fairy tale.

There are several ways that flower arrangements could make the whole wedding much better and more beautiful, and here are some of them.

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Biedermeier (Wedding Bouquet)


The selection of flowers usually starts with the wedding bouquet. These bouquets can range from simple, such as a few flowers tied with a ribbon, to those more detailed, more professional arrangements. The choice of the Biedermeier will, of course, also depend on personal taste.

Although it sounds sentimental, a Biedermeier that has meaning and reminds you of a precious moment is one that is always an ideal choice. The wedding is one of the most important celebrations in your life, and you want every detail to be perfect. What could be better than a Biedermeier, which will bring back lovely memories and beautiful moments from the past? For example, if your fiancé proposed with a bouquet of lilies on the day of the wedding, they will remind you of the day you decided to become his wife.

One can also choose flowers that have symbolism and are of great sentimental value. For example, someone might want their relationship to be solely about pure and sincere love. Then, the perfect combination is gypsophila (which symbolizes sincerity) and red roses (which symbolize love) to convey this meaning.

Arrangements for tables


Due to their beauty, effectiveness, and versatility, flowers are always included in the decoration of the tables. Although you will not go wrong with bouquets placed on every table, one can also add delicate floral details by scattering flower petals on the tables or placing it on every chair.

Space decoration

There are many ways where this type of decoration can be more than useful. The main trend of recent years is hanging flowers, which can turn even the most ordinary space into the one from a fairytale. Whether hanging over the area of a wedding ceremony or used above tables or even a dance floor, hanging flowers give another layer of beauty to the overall wedding decoration.
One can also arrange them at the entrance to the hall, by, for example, making a romantic arched passage of flowers, greenery, and bows, or emphasizing the way to the room with vases that contain rich bouquets.

Wedding cake


In recent years, the trend is to bring flowers and greenery into the design of the main dessert, and that can help round off your wedding decoration, raise it to a new level, and set the wedding ceremony bar pretty high. When choosing arrangements for a cake, for a completely sleek look, one can match them with other flower arrangements, and for those more daring, they could go with more colorful ones that will give a completely different vibe from the rest of the marriage ceremony.

Bridal dresses & Bouquets


The bride has a particularly challenging but exciting task. Searching and choosing the ideal wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, and most of the other details is not at all easy. Especially when flower arrangements and wedding bouquet are added to that, it is clear why most of the brides are under stress. Knowing about all this, we decided to make it a little easier for future couples and recommend white-pink roses and alstroemerias. If you prefer, you can also find a bouquet in bright colors for your wedding bouquet, to create a contrast to the white wedding dress.

Grooms involvement


Most men and dealing with little things, somehow, do not go hand in hand. The practice has shown that such things bother them many of them, so selling flowers online and fast delivery is the ideal solution for them. However, when the day they will say the fateful “yes” approaches, they too must have fun with the details and choose the appropriate flower arrangements. More precisely, they must at least find the ideal flower for their lapel. A frequent choice falls on white roses, which works majestically combined with any clothing combination.

Hair flowers


Considering that most weddings take place on sunny days, it is not surprising that young people like to have a natural flower as an ornament in their hair. Fiancées often choose wreaths for their bachelorette parties, which, besides the smile, represent the most beautiful decoration on the face. Newlyweds like to do professional photography before the wedding, so-called engagement photography, so even for those occasions, the delivery of flowers is real salvation.

Outdoor weddings

If you decide to organize an outdoor wedding, more precisely under the open sky, we have more suggestions for you. The canopies will give an original stamp to the celebration and add that something exceptional to the whole ceremony.



As it is with almost every important decision in our lives, it needs to come from the heart, and the same goes for picking the perfect flower arrangement for the day you tie the knot. If you do so, then everything will be at its best, but for those still uncertain about some choices, then these tips and advice should be pretty helpful.