Choose your yoga clothes carefully

Here you have taken steps, you are registered in Yoga, you may have done one or two tests. You have chosen your school and bought your yoga mat. All you have to do is find the clothes suitable for it! And choosing the right clothes is as important as choosing a carpet.

To enjoy your class for this practice and posture in the best conditions, clothes that are customized, comfortable and practical are very important.

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Here are some tips for choosing your yoga clothes:

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Comfort above all!

This is indeed the most important criterion! The classes usually last one and a half hours and the posture sequence must be smooth. Having customized clothes for this occasion and especially not too tight is very important. Comfortable one will consist of the upper part, the bottom without forgetting underwear which ensures well-being and freedom of movement! It’s important to buy your clothes from reputable Yoga shops such as Ana Heart.

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Style and aesthetics!

We are fortunate to have a wide selection of sportswear that combines comfort and aesthetics. Clothing brands for this mind and body practice have developed and offer trendy, colorful products that change from traditional black.

The colors chosen are also important:

– choose warm colors like orange that are very dynamic like bikram yoga
– in Kundalini white will be more dominant
– in gentle yoga, we value pastel colors

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Yoga clothes will consist of:

Tank top or shirt

He must be adjusted well. Think upside down posture, head posture like Sirsasana! Or without going that far, think of an upside down dog posture (adho-mukha asana) for example, or by candlelight (sarvangasana). This is a posture that often returns to yoga classes. A loose shirt will fit in your head, show a beautiful sports bra for women, or a beautiful chocolate bar.

In winter, if the room is not warm enough for your taste, add a sports shirt (without a hood of course!) Or replace a tank top with a long-sleeved tee, or even consider shapewear and spanx, such as the one you can find at Hauteflair. Not only does it look good, but it will also keep your warm and comfortable.

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Comfort is also equipped with yoga clothes that can breathe, especially in Bikram yoga where the room temperature is raised to an average of 40 degrees. Clothing that does not let the skin breathe will be very uncomfortable and will disturb your posture. The choice of pants is mostly at the elastic level at the waist. High-waisted pants are better, made of cotton or elastane because it’s important not to cut in the stomach or stomach and allow energy to circulate. Also be careful with the ankles, the elasticity of the bottom cannot cut the circulation.

For summer yoga or bikram classes, you can choose shorts in organic cotton!

Because you will understand, if the comfort of yoga clothes is a priority, the comfort of underwear is just as much! For us girls, we will forget about lace bras and straps to focus on sports bras and short ones! Because nothing is more unpleasant than having to adjust the bra between two postures or take off the pants that fit the buttocks! Now there are very good sports clothes that have nothing to envy beautiful lingerie. They will allow you to be one hundred percent in position. Choose a dry care brace that promotes moisture evacuation and fast drying.

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See? Choosing yoga clothes should be done carefully otherwise they will screw up it for you.