5 Tips for Choosing the Right Exercise Clothes

Wearing the right clothes can have a massive impact on your exercise session. The right workout clothes will keep you comfortable while you exercise and that can keep you going for a lot longer. The clothes you wear can affect how you feel after exercising too. You will feel more motivated and get a better mental boost after each exercising session if you feel comfortable during it.

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to how comfortable you will be during your workout. What fabric your clothes are made of, or which type of clothes you wear fits with the type of exercise you will be doing.

In this article, we will be giving you some recommendations on what to look for when deciding which workout clothes to buy.

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The different types of fabric

There are many different types of fabric that all have a different effect on how you will feel during and after your exercise. There are some fabrics that are designed to absorb sweat, while others pull it away from your skin.


– Clothes that absorb sweat

Cotton clothes are known for absorbing sweat and not pulling it away. This is why when you exercise with cotton clothes on you may feel heavier and wetter. This is something to consider when picking up new workout clothes. Although there are goof cotton options, you might want to go for something different.

– Clothes that pull sweat away

There are many so-called “breathable” clothes that are made of synthetic fibers. These types of clothes, instead of absorbing the sweat, pull it off from your skin and then let it evaporate. Like this, you will keep your body cool and comfortable. Clothing made from polypropylene is a great choice if you don’t want to be left feeling sweaty and heavy after a workout.

It is important to remember not to wear clothes that don’t allow for any sweat evaporation at all. This way you might be at risk of overheating during exercising. You should avoid clothes made of plastic or rubber.

Ask for advice at a sporting clothes store


As with most things you can buy at a store, the workers will be happy to help you out. Don’t mind asking if you are looking for something specific. You will have a much easier time finding the clothes that work for you if you take the advice of a professional.

You should also look around in stores that offer a large variety of options too. Stores like Jetcube.co offer a large number of choices to pick out of. There are no definitive rules as to what type of clothes will work for you, so you should definitely ask around and get a recommendation.

Different clothes for each season


Now, if you exercise indoors, this might not be as important as a tip for you. However, if you prefer to do outdoor activities such as playing sports, especially seasonal sports, then you should keep in mind that different sets of clothing work better with different seasons of the year.

During the summer, if it gets too hot where you live, make sure to get clothes that pull sweat way and let your body breathe. Not only will you feel more comfortable you will be able to move more freely too.

During the winter, when it gets very cold, you should be dressing up in warmer clothes. You will be boosting your body temperature by exercising, so you won’t need to go to the extreme with the layers of clothes you decide to put on. Be sure to wear easily removable layers of clothes if you Cover your limbs and your head. These are the parts of your body that get cold the fastest.

You can still wear synthetic, sweat removing clothing, but you should wear a layer of clothes on top of that that will insulate you and keep the heat in. This way you won’t be feeling uncomfortable and you won’t be felling cold either.

Clothing based on where you choose to exercise


Some types of clothing work better for different workout locations. What works for you when working out outdoors, might not work as well when you work out at home. You should take this into consideration because you want to maximize your efficiency no matter where you choose to exercise.

While outdoors you are more exposed to the elements and your clothing has a greater chance of getting damaged. If you intend to do workouts in places where you won’t be affecting the state of your clothing then you don’t have to buy anything too expensive.

Other general tips


– Getting the right fit

Makes sure you get clothes that fit you well. For most sports, you should avoid getting anything too tight. This can force you to work harder to move around and that would use up too much of your energy. Avoid clothes that are too loose as well. Loose clothing can get in the way of your movements especially if you are biking, running, climbing, or hiking.

– The color of your clothes does actually matter

Darker colors absorb more light and make your body warmer. You can use this to your advantage whether you’re trying to keep cooler or get warmer. Some studies have shown that colors also have a psychological effect on you. Red is a color that we subconsciously connect to being active.

– Try on clothes before you buy them

While this is impossible in some cases, if you choose to buy online, for example, you should always try your clothes one before buying them if you get the chance. Most stores allow for this but there are some that don’t. In the case where you can’t get the chance to try the clothes on before you make your purchase, you should examine the clothes very carefully and make sure that they will fit. You should also have already made up your mind on all the other factors, like what fabric to get.