6 Tips for Choosing the Right TV Streaming Service

Watching TV these days is much simpler, cheaper, faster, and in better quality. You won’t have to settle for cable or satellite anymore. There are tons of streaming services out there that will deliver a lot more content, stability, high-resolution, and much more. The price difference between cable and streaming services is surprisingly big. For just $10 a month, you get access to hundreds, if not thousands of different TV series.

The best thing about these services is the fact that you can pick what kind of content you want to watch. Whether you are in the mood for a horror TV show or maybe you want a serious movie like The Irishman, the choice is yours. The variety of options is huge too. When you compare this level of accessibility with regular cable, it is obvious which one is superior. With cable TV you don’t exactly get to choose what you are going to watch. The cable company decides that for you.

However, this new world of streaming services is still quite young. Many different companies have started to appear in this market offering similar services. So, how can you know which one of these is the one that will satisfy your needs or requirements? How to find out which one delivers the best quality or the most interesting content?

Well, all of these companies offer some kind of benefits to the user. It is up to you to decide which benefit you need. To help you with that, we have made this short article with several tips that you might find useful.

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Utilize free trials


One of the most important tips I can give you for choosing the right TV streaming service is to use the free trials that are offered by these companies. It doesn’t matter if it lasts only a week or just a couple of days, during that period you can learn everything about the streaming service.

Netflix – all-around best


Netflix has to be one of the most popular streaming services on the planet right now. But, do not let this alter your thoughts on other companies. I believe that the biggest reason why Netflix is so popular right now is because it started to offer this kind of service first. At least at this level of quality.

But, Netflix does deserve a lot of praise because it delivers lots of interesting content. Their Originals have become quite famous right now because the level of quality of the shows is quite impressive. For example, Stranger Things, The Witcher, BoJack Horseman, Ozark, Mindhunter, and a lot more fall under that “Originals” branch. You can find all of these TV shows we mentioned on their platform and they will stay there forever.

Another great thing about Netflix is that it releases a lot of old content too. This might not be for everyone, but a lot of people loved re-watching old shows such as Friends, That 70s Show, etc.

The pricing for Netflix is quite good because the most basic plan is only nine dollars a month. With the basic option, you get 720P content and can only be used on one screen. If that is not enough for your needs, you can get the standard plan which delivers 1080P content and you will be able to watch on two screens. But the most expensive plan which is $16 you will be able to watch on four screens simultaneously and in 4K.

According to techglad.dk, Netflix might be the best of the bunch, but that is for you to decide.

Hulu – a great alternative to Netflix


This is one of the cheaper options on the market, but it does come with one con that I do not personally approve of. The cheapest plan for Hulu is just six dollars. This sounds great, but with this plan, you will have to watch a couple of ads before or after the stream. It doesn’t sound that bad, but for some, this can be a dealbreaker.

However, if you pay a bit extra, there won’t be any ads at all. The price for the Hulu premium is $12, so it isn’t a lot more expensive than Netflix’s offer.

On this platform, you can watch shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 30 Rock, Seinfeld, The X-Files, and famous movies such as Parasite. There is a huge variety of content and I believe you will find fun things to watch.

Amazon Prime Video – best for students


Amazon Prime Video is another great option on this list. This is also the best option for students because it only costs about $6.50 a month. The regular pricing is around nine dollars. Keep in mind that the nine dollar plan delivers full HD content when compared with Netflix’s 9$ plan which delivers only 720P resolution.

On Amazon prime video you can find tons of quality content such as Homecoming, The Big Sick, and many more. I do have to admit that the variety of TV shows and movies is not as wide as Netflix or Hulu. But, if you feel like you the pricing is right, you should definitely go for Amazon’s option.

Disney Plus – high quality for a cheap price


I do have to admit that Disney Plus might have the most unique TV shows and movies out of the bunch. You get to watch anything that is related to Disney which is always a good thing. All of Marvel’s movies and TV shows will be accessible to you if Disney Plus. The Mandalorian is also accessible to people that are subscribed to this service. This is the spinoff TV show for the Star Wars universe.

The best thing about this service is that it costs only seven dollars a month. And with that $7 plan, you get to watch everything in Full HD resolution.

Apple TV – best for Apple users


Apple TV is another one of those cheaper options on the market. With a subscription of just five dollars per month, you will get access to a lot of exclusive shows that you will love. I personally do not have a lot of experience with this platform, but many reviewers claimed that it is quite good. In the end, you get to be the judge of that.

By choosing any of these streaming services above, I believe you have a much better experience than cable TV.