Chris Craft Scorpion 210

Boating is a fun experience for fishing, cruising, or sporting. There are different versions of boats available today which perform different purposes. One of the most highly functional boat you can ask for is the Chris Craft Scorpion 210. This boat is a version of a sports boat that could be found at ZeBoats.

It comprises a unique combination of an overdrive on the transom and a midship motor. This boat features the options of a bowrider and a cuddy cabin version. ACF Grew manufactures the Scorpion in Penetang, Ontario. With an exceptional design, the boat’s engine is in the middle of the hull, like in a vintage mahogany launch. The engine’s placement transfers the weight forward, giving the ability to plane quickly and stay on a plane even at lower speed levels.

In this boat the overdrive is in the transom, which gives you a maneuvering advantage of having a power steering and power trim. Another benefit of owning a Scorpion is that due to the engine’s location, you can open the aft section of your boat’s cockpit.

Unlike other boats, the Scorpion doesn’t have a box engine block. It gets its power from a long driveshaft, making it the only leisure boat that features a Mercruiser Extended Shaft. Boating enthusiasts love the Scorpion because it is easy to handle, and it follows a straight course.


The Scorpion comprises heavy insulation on its exterior, which makes it a noise-free boat. It is a smooth, responsive and maneuverable, leisure boat ideal for thrill-seekers. If you want to buy a sports boat, this is the perfect choice as it comes with a very small wake. The boat can swiftly move on a plane, which gives skiers the ability to quickly get out of the water.

Chris Craft Scorpion 210 is highly maneuverable and responsive, which means that your landing will be smooth irrespective of what angle of waves you hit. This boat is a fun boat to drive, too, with an integrated swim platform.

Instead of teak legs, the Scorpion has fiberglass on its side panels, which supports the platform. Apart from bringing an appealing look to its design, the glass side panels make the deck of the platform closer to the water, which makes boarding easier. The platform of the boat consists of three teak, non-skid strips. The aft cockpit extends over the transom, towards the platform and functions as handholds. Since the back seat does not have a motor like that of other boat designs, it widens the aft deck.

The Scorpion has a full-width lounge area that offers comfortable seating spaces for up to four adults. The seats feature thick foam and layers of vinyl upholstery, giving the boat’s occupants a cozy boating experience. The lounge is a convertible, where you can pull out the bottom of the seat and drop down the backrest. A snap-in drape covers the hull, hiding the battery, power trim pump and the blower motor. The 57-gallon stainless steel fuel tank is under the aft seat. When you fold the upper half of the backrest, you will find a storage space for the convertible top.

You will have ample space in the Scorpion for your personal belongings or for keeping equipment safely. The boat’s cockpit is beautifully laid with a durable carpet, with strip bolsters on the sides and padded panels: the padding and the carpeting help in absorbing sound, which makes the Scorpion a highly quiet boat. There is a wide lounge in the middle of the cockpit to seat at least six people. With the aft section comprising two lounges, you can enjoy blissful conversations with your friends while enjoying the wide water surrounding you.

When you lift the middle lounge, you will be able to find the motor of the boat. The long drive is attached to the back of the motor. The length of the drive extends to the floors under the cockpit. Binding the driveshaft, you will find two fiberglass exhaust pipes. These pipes connect the motor and the outdrive exhaust ports.

The wooden frame of the lounge is covered with insulation foam, which creates a sound-deadening effect. The lower section of the outside consists of carpets and padded upholstery. Since this is an incredibly comfortable boat, you will experience smooth sailing even at high speed. The cabin is a spacious area for an afternoon nap after a long boating day.

Chris Craft boats are popular for their cruiser, classics, antiques, bowrider, motor yachts, and center console versions. You can identify the Chris Craft from their medium-depth draft and a wide beam. Their designs make them exceedingly suitable for day cruising, overnight cruising, saltwater or freshwater fishing, and water sporting.


If you wish for a boat that is functional as a sport as well as a family retreat vessel, then the Chris Craft Scorpion 210 makes the ideal candidate. With the Scorpion, you will get a safe boat that you can take into the sea for a family cruise, fishing with your kids, or for a fun water-skiing adventure with your buddies. Chris Craft Scorpion 210 is a high performing, responsive, and highly stable boat.

Although this one is a day boat, that however does not mean that it is not capable of offering a comfortable overnight stay. With exquisite woodwork, fiberglass designs, and heavy padding, this boat gives you the ultimate luxury and functionality.