How to Clean Glass Dab Rigs – Tips and Tricks

The stigma surrounding the use of marijuana for medical purposes is slowly but surely being cleared up. Science is on the side of cannabis since it has proved the benefits of its moderate use. And it comes up with new knowledge about the good sides of cannabis almost daily. That triggered a growing weed market and the emergence of many cannabis-based products.

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The growing market and increasing number of cannabis goods bring different consumption methods. Thus you can consume cannabis in many ways, depending on your preferences, and enjoy its benefits. If you’re a beginner or don’t have much experience with weed, you probably only think of smoking and possibly inhaling. But dabbing is another popular way to get high.

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What Is Dabbing?


Dabbing means using dabs, potent cannabis concentrates that can be wax, resin, sauce, etc. These are essential oils obtained by pressing cannabis buds with high cannabinoid content. There are CBD, THC, terpenes, and many other compounds in just a small amount of the concentrate. So you need just a bit of it for a great dabbing experience.

If you want to try dabbing, you need a proper tool. Dab rigs, a specialized water pipe mostly made of glass, are used for these purposes. These tools resemble smaller bongs but don’t work the same way. In any case, this device gives you a huge punch, as it delivers the finest vapors from weed concentrate. And to keep its functionality, you must clean your dab ring regularly.

What Happens When You Use A Dirty Dab Rig?

Regardless of the type of equipment you use for cannabis intake, it’s of great importance to keep it clean. Oils from wax and resin can accumulate in the pipes over time and thus interfere with proper rig work. So you might have a hard time vaping and getting the most out of your cannabis concentrates. So you have to remove them by regularly cleaning all parts of your glass dab rig.

Not only will it improve your vaping and dabbing experience and make vapors smooth and enjoyable, but it will also prevent unwanted consequences. Tools that are heated, such as bongs and dan rigs, must be especially clean because the by-products of combustion that accumulate in them over time can pose a risk to your health.

When you heat the nail, the vapors from the concentrate come into contact with the water, which gives you a quality vapor every time. But if you leave the dirty water in, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if you share your rig with others. Bacteria can cause not only respiratory issues but also severe health problems. Maintain your glass dab rig properly, and you won’t have much trouble.

Have Everything on Hand


The first step before cleaning your glass dab rig is to gather all your supplies. The washing process isn’t demanding and takes just a few minutes, but when you’re well organized, it’ll be done even faster. So grab everything you need and get to work.

First, you need to prepare the cleaning solution, for which you will need alcohol and rock or sea salt. The latter is an excellent mild abrasive that gently removes resin and oil residues. If you have no alcohol, no problem – here’s the alternative.

Mix these two ingredients and set them aside, along with other supplies – a couple of microfiber cloths, some ear swabs, and a resealable bag.

Take Care of the Nail

Place your dabbing tool on the table and slowly take it apart piece by piece. Be very careful as the glass parts break and scratch easily. Your first move is to remove the nail and put it in a resealable bag. Then pour part of the cleaning solution into it. Close the bag tightly, give it a shake or two, and set it aside.

If needed, it’s good to preheat the nail before cleaning to melt the resin and oil deposits. You can use a torch or a lighter for that; just make sure not to burn yourself. Since the nail will be hot, don’t touch it right after heating. Let it cool a bit before you continue cleaning.

Clean the Rig Base


Most people don’t do that after using a dab rig, which can leave the device messy and stinky. Let the water out and then pour the mixture of alcohol and salt into the rig and shake it, which will help loosen stubborn deposits. Make sure to close all openings to avoid spilling. After shaking, use cotton swabs to assess dirt in pipes and corners. Shake once more and pour the alcohol out.

Rinse the glass rig under the well with warm water to remove any remaining alcohol. If you spot any oil residues on hard-to-reach spots, use cotton swabs soaked in alcohol to reach them. Rinse your dabbing tool again, wipe it with a cloth, and let it air dry.

Back to the nail that was soaked in alcohol all the time. Do the same as with the rig base – remove the hard residues with pads or cotton swabs, and rinse the nail with hot water before laying it out on a dry towel. Don’t use too hot water to avoid glass cracking. Let all pieces dry well before putting them back together.

Clean Dab Accessories

As for your dab rig accessories, their cleaning will depend on how dirty they are. You can keep them clean by wiping them with a cotton swab after every use. But if mouthpieces, carb caps, and bangers call for deep cleaning, rub them with alcohol, rinse, and let air dry before the next use.

Dirty dab rigs don’t bring any fun. You do need to experience relaxation and health benefits, not to ruin your health. So don’t be lazy and clean your glass dab rig from time to time. It doesn’t require a lot of effort, and it can greatly improve your dabbing experience.