Common Questions About Home Warranties

Property owners will have questions when it comes to shopping for the right home warranty. The answers to the questions help them find a warranty that provides all the discounts and savings they need to maintain their home. The warranties provide discounts for repairs and replacement services for items that are covered.

The homeowner must choose a plan for their home warranty from the plans available, or they can customize a plan that includes everything installed in their property. They are not limited in what is covered, and they could get maximum coverage for major installations such as swimming pools and pool houses.

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Why Should You Get a Home Warranty?


Property owners should get a home warranty to give them discounts and help them save money on repairs and replacement services. The warranties cover a variety of installations in the home, and they help the homeowner decrease the total cost of these vital services.

They can get coverage for their electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services, and the services can also include maintenance requirements for these systems. Property owners can learn more about the benefits of a home warranty by visiting now.

What Appliances are Covered Under the Warranty?

When reviewing what appliances are covered by the warranty, the property owners see a full list of options for these basic plans. Basic home warranties for appliances cover refrigerators, stoves, ovens, washing machines, dryers, and hot water heaters. If they install appliances outside their homes for exterior kitchens, they can add the appliances to the home warranty and get coverage for the new installations.

How Often Do You Pay for the Home Warranty?


Property owners will pay for the home warranty itself via one lump-sum payment or by submitting monthly payments. The home warranty can provide the homeowner with an estimate of the cost according to the square footage of the property, what items they want to cover, and the plan they select.

In addition to the annual cost of the home warranty, the homeowner will pay service fees. The service fees are their portion of the cost of their repairs or replacement services. The home warranty company provides access to a service provider and makes arrangements for the services.

How Does the Homeowner Get Coverage?

The property owner must file a claim through the home warranty company to get coverage for the services. They can file a claim by calling the home warranty company or by submitting it online. The home warranty company reviews the claim and contacts a service provider according to the problem the homeowner is experiencing. They provide an estimate for the services that shows how much the property owner will pay and how much the warranty covers.

Does the Homeowner Choose the Service Providers?


No, the home warranty company screens service providers in the homeowner’s area, and they set up contracts with these service providers. The home warranty company sets up an appointment with the service provider for the homeowner, and the service provider completes the services.

The homeowners do not get to choose the service providers they want to use for their repairs or replacement services. However, if they had negative experiences with a service provider, the home warranty company will find an alternative service provider out of the prescreened local companies. If the property owner has any issues with a service provider, they can report them to the home warranty company.

Does Maintenance Affect Coverage?

If the property owner doesn’t maintain their systems and installations according to the terms of the home warranty, they can be denied coverage. The home warranties have strict clauses about maintenance services, and the property owner must follow these instructions. Many systems, such as heating and cooling systems, require the homeowner to hire a professional to complete seasonal maintenance tasks.

They must set up the services according to the schedule set up by their home warranty company. The home warranty provides them with discounts on these services that make it more affordable to maintain the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

Can They Get Discounts on HVAC Filters?


Yes, the home warranty could provide discounts on parts and components that are required for any system that is covered under the warranty. This includes specialized HVAC filters that are not available everywhere. If the property owner must order HVAC filters from a specific supplier, they will need to set up their order through the home warranty company if they want coverage.

The warranty will pay a portion of the costs and decrease the overall expense for the property owner. Since the filters are necessary, they could be included in a maintenance plan for the heating and cooling systems. The homeowner could save hundreds of dollars each year.

Should They Cancel the Manufacturer’s Warrant if They Have a Home Warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty gives consumers added protection for a variety of products they purchase for their homes. The manufacturer’s warranty offers help with repairs and will replace the product if it becomes faulty within the term of the warranty. The property owners must follow all instructions included in a manufacturer’s warranty to avoid voiding it.

A home warranty gives them additional protection for these products and installations. They could get extra coverage by having both the home warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty. It is helpful to keep both if they are available for the product. This could help the property owner save hundreds of dollars.

Property owners consider the advantages of purchasing a home warranty, and they discover that the products help them save a lot on necessary repairs and replacement services. Basic plans apply to major systems installations in the home such as electrical and plumbing. The homeowner can also get coverage for appliances and their HVAC services through their selected plans.

When choosing the right home warranty plan, the property owner must consider how much the warranty itself costs and how much the service fees are for each installation. The home warranty company can provide estimates for the warranty and for all related fees.