Top 5 Companies That Will Benefit The Most From 5G Technology

Even though the 5G technology is still developing, we are all familiar with some of its most essential features. We are slowly learning how everything is going to work, what impact it will have on your lives, and how we will benefit from it.

But what about big companies? These will also use this state-of-the-art technology to boost their businesses and offer new services to their customers. In this article, we will focus on them and tell you how the way they conduct their business will change with the help of 5G.

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1. Telecommunications


Firstly, let’s begin with the industry, which obviously, has the most to gain from implementing 5G. The biggest advantage of this technology is the increased speed of data transfer. In a nutshell, it will enable us to send and download documents at a much faster rate without any issues. In addition, it is also expected that 5G will connect even the most remote areas with big cities. Can you imagine what impact this will have on our everyday life?

Well, naturally, the companies in this line of work will probably see the greatest benefits. By implementing this technology, they will open a whole new world of possibilities to their clients. They will be able to design new services and features, and therefore, expand their current businesses. The truth is that large corporations are already noticing a significant improvement in their revenue, especially when it comes to the domestic markets. If you are interested in specific numbers when it comes to these, you can read a report on ZTE 5G improvements on

Besides ZTE, Huawei has also dominated this program. Huawei is also continuously working on upgrading the company’s devices, smartphones, networks, and the overall wireless user experience. In addition, other companies such as Apple, Samsung, even Ericsson, and Nokia are part of the race of companies that work tirelessly on boosting their businesses and creating new services with the 5G technology.

2. Telemedicine

This pandemic has shown us how important wireless connection is when it comes to healthcare. Almost instantly, going to a hospital wasn’t safe anymore because one could never be certain that they won’t be exposed to the virus. Doctors had to change the way they do their job of diagnosing and observing patients practically overnight. Instead of scheduling appointments, they communicated with patients via video links.

Well, the 5G technology will greatly improve this communication, but not only in current circumstances. It will enable healthcare providers to check on their patients even after the treatment and ensure they are recovering successfully. What’s more, there is also the matter of people who live in remote areas who cannot travel long distances every now and then to visit a doctor. We are not even going to discuss the matter of new, modern medical treatments that include AI and VR, remote surgeries, and so on.

3. Streaming services


Considering that the main feature of 5G is to boost the connectivity of people all around the world, no one can be surprised that the technology is also going to affect services like Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and so on.

We are not talking only about the fact that these companies will be able to boost their customers’ experience by providing them with high-quality content. Instead, due to the current pandemic, these networks have been offering more titles. Naturally, theaters all around the world have been closed for the better part of the previous year. So, Hollywood companies had to do something to maintain their revenue and success. What did they do? They sold the content to these networks to ensure that people actually watched all the movies and series. Right now, this is the best way for them to continue their work and maintain their profit. Also, some companies have decided to release content both at theaters and via these streaming services this year. If you don’t believe us, just scroll through the list of upcoming releases on the service you use, and you will understand what we are talking about.

4. Manufacturing

We weren’t kidding when we said that the 5G technology would have an enormous impact on every industry. The biggest advantage this industry will see is the increased productivity. Since this network focuses on communication systems, factories will be able to improve the way in which they conduct their business. Simply put, the network speed will increase, and the latency will decrease. This will enable workers to operate machines even if they are not on the manufacturing floor. This combination of the features will make the entire system of manufacturing tools more reliable, so workers won’t have to supervise them at every moment, which is something that will greatly boost the overall productivity.

5. Retail


Nowadays, this industry almost completely relies on wireless networks and connectivity. Most people shop online, and there really isn’t a product you cannot order and have delivered to your front door. Well, the 5G technology is only going to boost this aspect of the retail industry further. Naturally, this will occur with the combination of the VR, so the customers will be able to try out clothing items in virtual dressing rooms or see how certain pieces of furniture would fit into their home.

At the same time, this technology will enable companies to collect larger amounts of data that they can later use to create personalized offers for their customers and increase their overall experience. Similarly, 5G will allow them to boost the connectivity among their employees, and they will also be able to supervise their inventory. Every time a customer orders an item that is currently not in stock, stores don’t only lose revenue since they cannot make a sale, but they also risk losing their clients’ loyalty. Yes, having a digital overview of the warehouse is an options right now, but think about how great it would be if the vendors could get all the data instantly instead of waiting. As you can assume, this is when the 5G network comes in. We have already mentioned several times how powerful it is, so managers will receive all the information they need within a few seconds.