How to Create Online Video Ads That Perform Well

Video ads can increase brand recognition, online traffic and sales for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s a pre-roll ad on YouTube or some original ad content, online video advertising can show businesses of all sizes. Particularly small companies have found that quality web design, with visuals that enchant the visitor in combination with thoughtful digital videos, can increase their recognition, website traffic and sales in a cost-effective and budget-friendly way.

Within social networks, the type of content consumed has been changing according to the new platforms and trends that are being incorporated. For example, since the arrival of Instagram, images have become the star content of different social networks. Currently, although images are still important, videos are gaining more and more ground within consumer habits on social networks. This goes hand in hand with the higher quality of mobile recording, their greater storage capacity, improved connectivity and, of course, the success of platforms such as TikTok and the influence of its short video format, replicated by other networks. Visit Primal to learn more about TikTok advertising.

Almost everyone is watching online videos today! You can reach people at a much lower cost than traditional TV advertising and have far more opportunities to target your audience properly. You can target videos to the right audience based on specific content they see on YouTube, depending on geography, demographics, or interest in products or services as seen by their online behaviour.

Like any content marketing campaign, a promotional video must capture viewers and reach the right audience in order to be successful. Experts shared their tips to create a good video marketing strategy:

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Design it


When creating a promotional video, it is essential to consider the distribution method before production. Design the message you want to convey, the production and the distribution before you create your video. This way, you can customize your content for the channel from which it spreads, whether that means it is hosted on YouTube, used for social content, or sent from an email marketing system.

When designing your video, you should take into account all those elements that can make your video stand out, such as the use of art, music and voice overs. So you should carefully choose the professional who will implement your vision, combining the lowest possible cost. For example, you can find many professional voices at Voquent for you to choose for your creative ad with great offers for your limited budget.

Mobile adaptability

Mobile devices have a great penetration in today’s society, and are the medium with the longest browsing time in the world. Therefore, to create successful videos it is important to adapt them to the mobile presentation of the social network. Which means that they must be created in a vertical 4:5 format, or square in the case of Instagram.

Make sure it is as short as possible


The duration of the viewer’s attention continues to decrease and advertisers know that they have to compete with many other ads for views. We recommend that your video campaign be as concise as possible, especially if it is a pre-roll ad. The shorter the video, the less annoyed the viewers will be and the more likely they are to watch the whole thing. From the statistics in our campaigns, we know that people are almost twice as likely to watch an entire 15-minute spot instead of a 30-minute one.

Dynamism in videos

A video that begins with scene or background changes and shows a more dynamic movement in its content is more likely to attract a larger audience. So it is important to handle these tools and incorporate them at the beginning of the content.

Being direct is the best


At this point it goes hand in hand with the room, and emphasizes the need to offer a clear and concrete message so that users can easily grasp the idea behind the video. The longer it takes for a message to appear in a video, the more likely it is that users will miss it. Facebook highlights the importance of detaching from the traditional way of narrating (introduction-middle-end): having a shorter video time is crucial to cause the greatest possible impact. For this reason, it is preferable to start strong, unlike in traditional formats, which start slowly and escalate.

Visual impact

The importance of creating content with a high visual impact, through bright colors, zooms, more detailed characteristics, etc., stands out in video ads. This way, the video will be able to attract many more people by capturing their attention, even before they are interested in the product.

Build relationships with viewers


Trust and commitment are two of the most important factors for successful video marketing strategies. Content creators need to focus on connecting with the people who watch their videos. More often than not, a YouTube channel with the most audience will perform better than one with the most subscribers and hits. The audience wants to feel that the advertiser has the interest of the video creator in mind and shares the same values.

Support things that YouTube creators are interested in and will support your brand. If you support them in honest and rich ways, they will defend your name to their audience. We suggest starting relationships with smaller YouTube creators who share your brand vision as part of their strategy. When their channels start to grow, the relationship could develop into a mutually beneficial partnership.

Define and calculate specific goals

Video marketing can help you achieve broad general goals such as “new leads” or “search engine optimization”, but by setting more focused goals, you can see the full potential of this advertising medium. Calculating these goals can also shed light on why a campaign succeeded or failed.

A video campaign should have specific goals such as driving new visitors to the website, increasing social engagement on Facebook or receiving responses from targeted emails. Sometimes the issue is not the video or the distribution, but what happens later – like having a poor conversion page or some other issue with the website or call-to-action. Only by clarifying goals and calculating them can companies improve their understanding of video marketing and its results.