4 Tips For Creating Captivating Corporate Videos

Companies and brands are increasingly trying to find ways to create content that engages and entertains audiences instead of selling things that promote the company. Today’s market insists on a two-way communication where brands have to appeal to their consumers. And one way of doing that is through storytelling. Videos are a powerful storytelling tool that most brands are leveraging on to attract consumers.

However, it may be quite expensive, locking out small-sized businesses that don’t have money to produce advertising videos. But video creators Spiel Creative advise you to take the right steps and tell a powerful story through high impact videos without having to break the bank. This article explains some ways that you can create captivating corporate videos.

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1. Select A Story And Purpose And Focus On It

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Videos don’t perform the same role and shouldn’t be created similarly. Some of them need to be developed to attract new customers, while others can be designed to find new employees. Some may also be used to promote or sell a product, while others may be used to make your brand more popular.

To create a good corporate video, you need to think about what your company is offering and how you can convert that into a video. Customer reviews are one way of showing people the effectiveness of your products and customer service and displaying your company’s value.

Employee testimonials can also be a powerful tool for attracting prospective hires, while product overviews can help prospective consumers to know more about a product and make informed buying decisions. You can use these pieces of information to create how-to videos that show how professional and experienced you are in providing services.

Apart from that, you can also make a documentary about clients offering testimonials about your products’ features. Through these stories, prospects will relate easily with your company and lead to buying your products.

2. Plan

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The artistry of film-making is quite complicated, and the logistics of creating a video can overwhelm a small business owner if he doesn’t plan well. One quality of a good owner should be to make sure that things get done. And to do this, most owners know that they need to have basic skills, a well thought out plan, and the motivation of doing things. So, it wouldn’t be wise to rush into making a video without having a goal in mind.

Your plan should start by having a target and considering your employees who can help make the video exciting. Apart from that, you need to know the resources you’ll require, the timeline, and the budget you’d use to create it. These are just a few things to consider in your plan if you want to achieve your goal of creating a good corporate video.

A good plan should include how the video will be produced when it’s going to be paid, and who will do the job. Don’t be tempted to do all this work alone because videos are a collaborative medium that needs a team. It would be best to find some of your employees interested in ones or hire professionals who can do the job perfectly. Outsourcing is one way of increasing productivity in an organization.

3. Find Content That Entertains And Engages Your Audience

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As you are coming up with stories you want to include in your video, you need to appreciate that not all levels are equal. Some may be funnier, while others may be more emotional and action-packed. They require money and time, and it would be needless to spend your valuable resources on an irrelevant video. Therefore, you want to consider the strongest stories to tell your audience while producing it.

For example, client testimonials can spark an interest in your services or products. On the other hand, if you’re looking to recruit new employees, you can select some bold and confident speakers rather than those who work quietly to do the narration.

If you’re struggling to find how to apply your skills, especially if you’re in a niche industry, connect those skills to your day-to-day challenges and try to explain how you can solve them in the simplest way possible. One way of coming up with engaging stories that will hold your audience’s attention is to talk to your employees and ask them how you can turn your company’s experience into interesting customer experiences through videos. Lastly, remember to keep your video short and simple. Most people have a brief attention span and may not tolerate a very long video.

4. Focus On The Production Quality

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Though your company’s videos don’t need to be glossy like a blockbuster Hollywood action movie, it needs great quality. You don’t want your video looking like it was shot from a smartphone. Instead, you should invest in making quality ones as you invest in other company initiatives such as marketing.

Quality videos will create a great impact on your consumer’s mind. The best way to obtain such one is to hire a professional. The video production market is currently competitive, and there are probably a couple of producers within your locality who can make you affordable videos. To get the best one, you can search online, ask your friends and family members for recommendations, and review their work.

Before hiring a professional, ensure that you like their work and can produce videos at an affordable cost. Some production companies will handle everything from coming up with a concept to post-production. In contrast, others may require you to work on the idea as they handle the production and post-production. You need to find a company that does what you want.

However, if you want to do it alone, ensure that you buy a decent camera and a tripod. Before purchasing such a camera, do some shoot or video test shots and ensure that the images reflect the quality you need. Watching many other videos can also inspire you.

Bottom Line

Creating a corporate video isn’t difficult as long as you know how to do it. Work with your team of professionals to develop a plan, create a story that engages your audience, and hire a professional company. Throughout the entire production, don’t forget to focus on quality.