30 Verbs That Start with Q to Enhance Your Vocabulary

As you may know, Q is one of the least used letters in the English alphabet, so the list of verbs that start with Q won’t be a large one. But you should never overlook it, as some of the verbs beginning with Q can make your writing and speech much more appealing. In today’s busy and fast-paced world, people won’t be able or glad to devote much time to a long video, article, or class, etc. You must use minimum words to draw their attention and provide maximum value.

To help you achieve this goal, we have carefully collected a list of common verbs that start with Q from Greenopolis.com. You can use these Q verbs to describe a person, an event, an auction, and more. Considering verbs beginning with Q are not that common, we included their definitions, synonyms, and examples to help you understand them better. Without any ado, let’s get into this qualitative list of verbs starting with Q.

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  1. Quack
    Definition: to make the usual sound of a duck
    Example: The ducks started quacking loudly when we threw them some bread.
  2. Quaff
    Definition: to drink something quickly or in large amounts
    Example: Your cup full, you quaff the cool refreshing draught and give thanks.
  3. Quake
    Definition: to shake because you are very frightened or find something very funny, or to feel or show great fear
    Example: Every time I get on a plane, I quake with fear.
  4. Qualify
    Definition: to successfully finish a training course so that you are able to do a job; to have or achieve the necessary skills, etc.
    Example: This course qualifies you to teach in any secondary school.
  5. Quarrel
    Definition: an angry disagreement between two or more people or groups
    Example: They had a bitter quarrel over some money three years ago and they haven’t spoken to each other since.
  6. Quarter
    Definition: to send someone, especially soldiers, to live in a place
    Example: The soldiers were quartered with local people during the war.
  7. Quash
    Definition: to say officially that something, especially an earlier official decision, is no longer to be accepted
    Example: His conviction was quashed in March 1986 after his counsel argued that the police evidence was all lies.
  8. Quaver
    Definition: If a person’s voice quavers, it shakes, usually because of emotion
    Example: Her voice began to quaver and I thought she was going to cry.
  9. Quell
    Definition: to stop something, especially by using force
    Example: This latest setback will have done nothing to quell the growing doubts about the future of the club.
  10. Quench
    Definition: to drink liquid so that you stop being thirsty
    Example: When it’s hot, it’s best to quench your thirst with water.
  11. Query
    Definition: to ask questions, especially in order to check if something is true or correct
    Example: She queried whether three months was long enough.
  12. Quest
    Definition: search for something
    Example: He was a real scientist, questing after truth.
  13. Question
    Definition: to ask a person about something, especially officially
    Example: Several men were questioned by police yesterday about the burglary.
  14. Quicken
    Definition: to become quicker, or to make something become quicker
    Example: This is music that will make your pulse quicken.
  15. Queue
    Definition: to join a line of people who are waiting for something
    Example: Private investors would regularly queue outside their banks in order to rush their application forms in before the deadline.
  16. Quiet
    Definition: to become or cause to become calmer or less noisy
    Example: He quieted the crowd by raising his hand.
  17. Quit
    Definition: to stop doing something or leave a job or a place
    Example: Would you quit your job if you inherited lots of money?
  18. Quip
    Definition: to make a quip
    Example: When asked why he seemed to be so relaxed, Mr McCarthy quipped: “It’s the drugs”.
  19. Quiz
    Definition: to ask someone questions about something
    Example: She spent an hour being quizzed by journalists.
  20. Quantify
    Definition: to measure or judge the size or amount of something
    Example: It’s difficult to quantify how many people will be affected by the change.
  21. Quote
    Definition: to repeat the words that someone else has said or written
    Example: He’s always quoting from the Bible.
  22. Quadruple
    Definition: to increase or be increased four times
    Example: Oil prices quadrupled in 1970.
  23. Queen
    Definition: behave in an unpleasantly superior way towards (someone)
    Example: Monique was queening it over everybody.
  24. Quarantine
    Definition: to stay away from others for a period of time because you have a disease, or may have one, in order to prevent the spread of the disease
    Example: All international arrivals, regardless of where they are from, must quarantine upon their arrival.
  25. Quiver
    Definition: to shake slightly, often because of strong emotion
    Example: Lennie’s bottom lip quivered and tears started in his eyes.
  26. Quieten
    Definition: to (cause someone to) become calmer or less noisy
    Example: The barking dogs quietened (down) when they recognized me.
  27. Quinch
    Definition: to move or stir
    Example: Carefully quinch that chemical solution.
  28. Quantitate
    Definition: to determine the quantity or extent of (something in numerical terms)
    Example: Damage to the target cells was quantitated by fluorescence microscopy.
  29. Quash
    Definition: to reject as invalid, especially by legal procedure
    Example: His conviction was quashed on appeal.
  30. Queer
    Definition: to spoil or ruin (an agreement, event, or situation)
    Example: Reg didn’t want someone meddling and queering the deal at the last minute.

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Thanks for reading till the end of this article on verbs that start with the letter Q. So did you learn anything new and interesting? The best way to learn words is to use them often in daily talks to make them part of your life. So find a friend to practice these verbs that start with Q together.

If you think we missed any important verbs beginning the Q, please let us know in the comment section. Enjoy your reading.