13 Creative Gift Ideas for Photography Lovers – 2024 Guide

Everyone who is into photography knows that it is an expensive hobby. The expenses are even bigger if you are a professional photographer, who needs high-quality gear. The professionals need to have a lot of equipment, including lenses, protective cases, tripods, and so on, so they can be the best on the market.

If you need to buy a gift for someone who is working in this field, it can be challenging, because the cheap gear is often useless for those who are professionals in their work. The first thing you need to consider is if your photographer friend works that professionally or is an amateur. That will help you determine your budget, so you can buy a proper gift for them, which will be also useful at the same time.

Here are a few ideas about gifts for photography lovers:

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1. Camera bag or backpack


The camera should be protected when transferred from one place to another. So, you can consider buying a protection bag or backpack, so the photographer can store the camera and the other gear that he or she needs, without a risk of scratches. Sometimes they use an ordinary backpack that doesn’t offer enough protection because the specialized ones are more expensive. They will appreciate this gift a lot.

2. Camera strap

Sometimes they need to take photographs in a crowd, so they need a strap that will protect the camera from falling and breaking into pieces. The strap holds the camera on the neck. Choose elastic and stretchy straps, so it won’t hurt their neck. You can find colorful straps with different designs, or you can keep to the classic black ones. This will be a small investment, but it’s useful for photographers.

3. High-quality tripod

The tripod will hold the camera while using it, and it can be easily transported to another place. They can adjust the height and the angle, and many photographers say that tripods are one of the most necessary items for their work.

4. Lens kit for their smartphone

Even when they don’t have their professional camera, the photographers are great with the phone camera too. They are creative and a set of lenses will help them take high-quality shots with their phones. You can choose between different types of lens, that can be attached to the phone and work great.

5. Coffee mug


The photographers love coffee and they enjoy drinking it between two tasks. Check for more ideas for coffee mugs on 10beets.com and you will find a lot of beautiful and unique designs. You can buy a camera lens-shaped mug, that will show how much you appreciate their profession.

6. Camera cleaning kit

Cameras are delicate and you can’t clean them with baby wipes and dish soap. The kits contain a cleaner made of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. Don’t use homemade cleaners, because they can destroy the camera. The microfiber cloths are used to clean the lenses and the body of the camera and the brushes are for the dust.

7. Polaroid camera


This old-school camera can be an interesting gadget for photography lovers. The photos they will take with this camera are amazing and clear, but the printing paper is very expensive. These cameras can’t be used for today’s photography requirements, but they have sentimental worth for every photo enthusiast.

8. Memory card or external hard drive

This is also a cheap gift option. The photographers will never have enough memory devices, and one more memory card will mean a lot for them. They surely have a lot of photographs on their computer, and you can buy an HDD that will be enough for them to transfer their work and to keep a reserve copy of the pictures.

9. Battery charger


A good battery charger with rechargeable batteries will help them to always have a pair of batteries that are fully charged, so their camera won’t die during an important working task. Many photographers forget to invest in a charger, so you will cut their expenses with it.

10. Photography books

You can find a lot of useful books about photography. They will appreciate them. We can recommend a few of them, including “Humans of New York” by Brandon Stanton, “Annie Leibowitz at Work” by Annie Leibowitz, and “Bystander: A History of Street Photography”. Of course, there are a lot more books and editions, and you can find the right one for them.

11. Photo editing software

Sometimes, beginners and amateurs use free software that doesn’t have all the tools and features they need. You can buy them a full version of Photoshop or another editing software, or help them pay the membership of the software they use. People say that photography is not a cheap hobby and it’s true, so every help is welcomed.

12. Beautiful photo frames


Develop a few of their greatest works and put them in a frame. We recommend you to choose the collage type frames, that can put all of the important memories in one place.

You can also get more retro by putting the photos in a photo album and write a personal message on the first page. So many times people forgot about how important are the photographers for the newspapers, magazines, and websites, and by doing this, you can show them that you appreciate their job.

13. External flashlight


Every photographer needs a good flash so they can take pictures in the dark. Sometimes, the camera’s flash is not enough, so you can invest in an external unit, that can be used together with their camera. Choose a basic type, because you don’t need to spend a lot of money on “advanced” flashes that work the same with the cheaper ones.

These are the basics every photographer needs but forgets to buy them. Even if it seems like they have everything, they always need one more SD card or a few more rechargeable batteries. These gifts mean a lot to them, and we hope this list helped you to choose the best present for the photography lover in your life.