Dell EMC Forecast for Server Market Trend in 2024 & Its Growing Market Share

As we step forth to 2024, the Dell EMC shares a range of factors that are pulling up the server business and server market trends that will dominate the current market.

As on date, with the development of the data-potential environment, the movement in the Indian IT business has evolved completely. With the generation of the constant and insistent need for the data-driven insights, the IT has stepped forward from office functionality to executive strategy.

Here forth, to keep it pertinent to the future needs, the forces to transmit the age-old conventional IT infrastructures have gained a much more emphasis for the businesses across all areas. The servers gave rise to the new-age IT infrastructure, creating the process of various workloads from the database to software storage with ease.

As we are stepping forward into the latest 2024, the Dell EMC shares some server trends that will dominate the current IT market and tell us why you should buy Dell servers online for your business and enjoy a greater advantage.

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IT Must Pave Path for Immediate Transformation:

Yes, you heard it right, Information Technology paths must have great paths to get into the actual goals that they are eagerly putting the focus on. It must have a focus on what they are mainly concentrating on.

Servers are the backbone for the modern IT datacentres by privileging businesses to become more stable, intelligent, nimble, adaptive and competitive. Therefore, businesses should have the ability to transform and embrace the change in the digital world now and then, with a new business entity benefiting from latest technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, etc.

With a good results in the servers segment in the previous year i.e. 2018, the leading multinational giant i.e. Dell EMC anticipates greater China will be very crucial for the growth of its enterprise segment in the upcoming years, the main reason for this being the businesses in Greater China need to update their existing platforms onto cloud platforms.

The Edge is Real:

The expectations and the possible need for IT hardware and datacentre infrastructure will continue to grow in the year 2024. The outline growth will cater vast potential for how providers and customers use, interpret and allocate data. The creation of POCs in the year 2024 will grant all parties to experience and test new technologies and associated models.

The Demand for Kinetic Infrastructure Continues:

The IT enterprises have got too used to the concept of server disaggregation and composable infrastructure over the previous year, i.e. in 2018. These have made server usage simple for the industries to rely on the server. In the year 2024, we can see the rise of new technologies that permit the balance in some classes of peripherals. It must be said that 2024 will be a journey of acceleration on kinetic infrastructure exploration.

The Rise in the Demand of Data Techniques-AI/DL/ML:

The margin of the information technology will be enlarged to their extreme limit in the year 2024 as the data generation IT economy development to the data consumption. The volume and amount of data an organization needs to determine growth, there will be a regressive need to employ data enriched techniques including artificial intelligence/machine learning/deep learning to help mutate this collection of data into information.


The on-premise repatriation is occurring, i.e. renovation of the challenges that are faced as a cloud model- public cloud and recognize these challenges around to fight back a hybrid cloud model has instantly emerged being it considered as the more appropriate solution for the major section of the businesses. The transition in the placement of the data or a workload is known as cloud repatriation.

Security Threats are the New Epidemic:

Security threats keep building up the pile in every ‘New Year.’ 2024 will see yet another year of growth in security threats. The focus on the data encryption will develop, emerge any data at rest to be encrypted, be it at the margin or in the data centre along with the potent encryption key authority.

Mr. Manish Gupta , Senior Director and General Manager, Compute and Networking Group, Dell EMC India quotes that the increase in the workloads due to the emerging latest technologies has engulfed IT infrastructure to deliver modern capabilities that can adapt and expand with the business needs. 2024 holds a great opportunity for the server business as the IT industry give major importance to transforming the IT infrastructure as per the change in growing demands.

He also claims that the demand for the IT architecture is coming in from the IT enterprises across verticals including banking, IT-enabled services, financial services, etc. who are now using modern architectures. With the launch of the new PowerEdge server, the Dell is aiming to floor on along with scalability and reliability up-strong.

For the unenlightened, according to the IDC, the Dell has ruled the Indian server business with a maximum market share of 28.3% in the server revenues in the first quarter of the year 2018 from 29.4% share in 2017. This was mainly due to Dell’s unification of their business in the existing EMC accounts and hence gaining 12% points share in the industry in 2018. Reports say that the Dell servers and the networking business globally have clocked a revenue of about $5.1 billion in the second end of the year 2018 which stands out to be a 34% increase from the previous year.

The Dell EMC is quite confident about its industry-leading server portfolio, and claim to be the right digital partners for its customers to help them generate their best business capabilities.

Bottom Line

The dynamics of the IT industry in India is changing significantly with the emergence of a data-driven ecosystem. Information Technology has moved to forefront executive technology from back office functionality with the proliferation of smart devices and connected sensors. To stay relevant in the near future, the efforts to alter the legacy IT infrastructures have acquired a lot more importance for the organizations across the verticals.

Enterprises and medium scale businesses across the world are concentrating on putting money in their colocation infrastructure and on-premises to support the server replacements along with the growing needs even as they further look forward to investing in public cloud solutions. There may be an increase in the number of security threats in 2024. A lot of focus on encryption is expected to emerge in 2024, requiring any important data at rest to be encrypted, whether in or at the edge of the data center, with the robust encryption key management.