An In-Depth Look at Different Vehicle Body Types: Which is Best for You?

One of the best things about buying a vehicle is that you have so many choices nowadays. You can choose between a saloon or SUV or MPV, and all these different body types have their own merits and unique features that make them excellent choices for many.

But all these choices can also make it more difficult to really decide on what’s best, and if you don’t have a clear idea of each type’s features, then you may end up choosing a vehicle that’s not really right for you. What makes the SUV different from the MPV, and what’s the real difference between a convertible and a coupe? Here’s an in-depth look at different vehicle body types: which is best for you?

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The hatchback

The hatchback is the most popular vehicle body type in the UK, and this isn’t surprising when we consider that it comes in various sizes. One distinguishing feature about the hatchback that makes it more attractive to car owners is that the entire rear end of the vehicle can open, which allows you to maximize the space. Smaller hatchbacks are excellent for inner-city or town driving, while larger models are ideal for the family.

The hatchback, as already mentioned, has an entire rear boot end, so when you open the car’s boot, you aren’t just lifting the lid like with a saloon, but you are opening the entire back of the vehicle. You can opt for hatchbacks with either two or four doors, and some rear seats can be folded so you get more space.

The saloon

The saloon isn’t as practical as the hatchback since the car’s boot is separated from the compartment for passengers, but in the UK, saloons are more prestigious. Most of the executive vehicles available today are saloons, for instance.

Because of the appeal of the saloon’s styling, it is still considered one of the most popular body styles of cars today. The saloon is normally defined as a three-box design since it is comprised of three areas that are separated: the engine area, which is covered, the boot, and the cabin itself.

A typical saloon will have four doors, and the boot of the car will often protrude from the rest of the car’s body. It also has a longer shape than the aforementioned hatchback, which makes it look sleeker and can provide you with more space in its interior.

One positive aspect of the saloon is that it’s perfect for the family due to its bigger interior space, and along with this, since the boot is separated from the car’s body, less noise from the road will enter the vehicle. With this, you can get a quieter cabin and hence, a more relaxed trip. If, however, parking is a struggle for you, the length of the car may be a hindrance. But the good news is that most sedans or saloons available today will come with parking sensors, if not cameras, as well, which makes parking a much easier matter.

The estate

If you want something more versatile, you can opt for an estate car, which is often based on either the hatchback or saloon. They feature bigger and boxier rear ends and can provide you with a large and square area for loading. They’re popular as a family vehicle as well, and they offer great space in the interior of the vehicle. Be careful with parking, though, because the estate’s large body can make the process a bit more challenging.


The MPV is another vehicle that offers versatility and space, and the multi-purpose vehicle can feature five or seven seats and offer various layouts in its interior. The seats of MPVs can, for example, fold or slide, swivel, and you may even be able to remove them. MPVs can also offer higher positions for driving, enhancing your confidence on the road.


The SUV also features seats that fold, and sports utility vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as well, as confirmed by the best car deal specialists like While they were originally offered as 4X4 vehicles or off-road vehicles, not all SUVs offer this capability today and may not be built for off-roading. You can expect, however, the SUV to have higher seats and a chunkier, more robust body, and their rough and rugged design attracts a lot of buyers. The additional height offered by the SUV makes it more convenient for users to get in the car and out.

The coupe

The coupe is popular with those who aren’t too concerned about practicality, and they are sleek and sportier than other cars. They are also lower on the ground and offer additional style. Keep in mind that not all coupes available are two-door vehicles; you can even purchase a coupe version of the SUV or saloon.

This car style is distinguished by its two-door body, and it has a small and separate section for the boot as well. But even if the coupe only has two doors, there are models that offer seats for five, although space will arguably be more limited than in your standard saloon. Keep in mind, however, that the coupe may offer less headroom at the back, and tall passengers can find it a struggle to get to the car’s back seats since it only has two doors.

The convertible

This vehicle is distinguished by the fact that you can raise or lower the car’s roof, and there are complete sports car models as well as more practical models that allow you to enjoy the sun whenever it comes out.

If you are looking for a company vehicle incentive scheme, the convertible is often an excellent option, especially since it has that stylish, sophisticated look. But bear in mind that the convertible is often smaller than other car types, and if the top gets damaged or breaks, repair costs can be quite steep.