Discover Online Contests and Decorate Your New Apartment without Spending a Dime

For many, September is more of the start to a new year than January. Whether you’re a student going back to school or not, there’s something in the air this time of year that feels fresh and full of promise. Perhaps it’s the season’s change that creates such a unique feeling — the beautiful leaves falling from the trees and the subtle drop in temperature. People are starting to prepare for the upcoming winter months of hibernation and beginning to stay indoors.

Are you moving into a new apartment this month? September is a great time to move because generally, it’s not too cold or too hot. Moving is stressful and requires a lot of energy — the last thing you need is a super hot day when there’s a six-foot sofa to move up three flights of stairs. Moving into a new place can also be incredibly expensive. Hiring movers can cost hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, you’ll need to buy new furniture and decorations. It’s a costly affair.

Take any opportunity to save money as you start to decorate the apartment. Did you know about the world of online contests? You can win incredible apartment essentials from — an excellent source for online giveaways. You could win furniture, clothing, and more, just by entering free online giveaways! The only things required are a willingness to try something new and access to the internet. Whether you’re looking for wall hangings or frying pans, you can almost guarantee that there’s a contest for it somewhere online.

To discover how to decorate your new home without spending a dime, let’s look at some recent examples of online giveaways.

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Etsy and MasterCard: $5000 Prize

Do you enjoy the rustic charm of antiques and homemade crafts? If so, you might already be familiar with the e-commerce site Etsy. Etsy is a site where artisans and antique collectors sell beautiful items that are one-of-a-kind. It’s the perfect place to find unique pieces for your new apartment. The site teamed up with MasterCard for an incredible online contest.

Whenever a contestant used a Master Card to purchase something on Etsy, they were automatically entered in a draw to win a prepaid credit card worth $5000! In addition to that fantastic prize, the Etsy seller who sold the item also won a $5000 Master Card gift card. It was a win-win situation! Although this particular contest is over, don’t fret. Both Etsy and Master Card offer contests throughout the year, so check back often to jump in on the next opportunity.

A Personalized Pan from Kraft Single Slices

Everyone loves a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s easy to make, delicious, and loaded with calcium. Having the perfect grilled cheese pan is a necessity for any home. That’s why, last month, Kraft threw an amazingly-cheesy (the right kind of cheesy) contest where Single Slice lovers could win a personalized cast iron pan!

Winners could select one of five graphic designs to put on their high-quality pan to give it a personalized touch. Contestants could enter through any of Kraft’s social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter). Keep your eye out for more contests such as this one to win essential cooking items to adorn your new kitchen!

The Fromaggio CheeseMaker Giveaway

Did you know that you can make your own cheese at home using just one appliance? If you’re a cheese lover, Fromaggio has designed the perfect kitchen essential — the smart home cheesemaker. In it, you can make hard and soft cheese, yogurt, and even tofu. Its retail value is almost USD 500.
Entering the giveaway involved a few simple steps: contestants filled out the entry form on the Fromaggio website, subscribed to the company’s newsletter, and, if desired, could also make bonus entries with a few additional questions.

You never know what’s going to pop up in online contests. Be sure to check every day to find out about incredible appliances and home décor prize packs.

Win an Automatic Feeder with PetSafe

Are you also moving with a little four-legged friend? Sometimes it’s challenging to feed your dog or cat when you work a lot or are travelling. You want to be there for your pet, but life often prevents you from getting home on time.

PetSafe is a self-proclaimed pet-loving brand, and they’re one of the most trusted brands for pet owners all over the world. Their values lie in trust, empathy, and dedication to providing the best products to pets of all shapes and sizes. That’s why their automatic feeder is the perfect tool for pet owners on the go. PetSafe recently held a contest on their Facebook page where fans liked and commented on the post with a tag to someone else they’d think would appreciate the prize.

If you missed this amazing sweepstake, follow the PetSafe Facebook page for their #WinningWednesday contests! PetSmart offers a new prize each week over social media, so don’t miss out.

Get a Free e-CookBook with A. Vogel and Herbamare®

Once you settle into your new place and get everything unpacked, you’ll want to start whipping up some delicious meals. One of the best things to eat on a chilly fall evening is a big bowl of soup. A. Vogel, the Swiss natural herbal and remedies company that has been selling high-quality herbal products since the 1960s, wrote the ideal soup cookbook for those long, winter nights. They’re offering it to the public for free!

The Herbamare® cookbook comes with 12 recipes: six that are vegetarian and six vegan, and they’re sure to comfort you this fall and winter. All you have to do is check out the A. Vogel site and sign up for the company newsletter. Then, you’ll receive your free copy of the e-cook book! You better ensure that your soup pots are ready to go!

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about expenses for home appliances, food, and other living essentials. Save your pennies for a rainy day and join the popular world of online contests.