Let’s Talk About Decoration At Home!

Our home is the place where we spend the majority of the time. We can share with our family and friends, spend a lot of beautiful moments, and celebrate all of our victories. It is as they say – there’s no place like home.

That’s why we need to keep our home properly decorated, not only to impress others but to feel fine with ourselves and that we can feel a connection with our place to live. You must be wondering… How can we do that? Well, we have the answer; in Brico-valera.com, you get great ideas.

Decoration can transform your home but is so essential that you chose correctly. Because you can blow minds with your decoration if you do well, but if you make mistakes or you have problems with the color’s mixture, it can be the end of your decorator’s career. So, we don’t want that it happens. That’s the reason we talk about decoration and tips for putting your home in the best-decorated position. A beautiful house is a home you’re eager to go back to.

For being the hacks on the decoration, you always have to use your preferred themes because the first person that must approve your home style is yourself. Choose a place that you wish to visit like Paris, Rome, Tokyo, China, The Amazonia, etc.; this theme will help you choose colors, materials, accessories, painting patterns, and things that are going to mark your style. There is so much inspiration all around you; it’s just about looking at the right places.

We can talk about modernity. You can choose a movie to decorate your home; maybe this concept looks familiar for you because most people use these movie-themes to decorate children’s bedrooms, but you can use it to decorate your entire home. It wouldn’t be a first time we encounter a Disney themed house.

Colors are the primary actors in our home decoration

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If we talk about colors, we have a lot of topics to touch on here. Colors are the primary actors on our home decoration. The world is a diverse place, and you shouldn’t only focus on a couple of standard colors. Be imaginative, explore, experiment. Still, we have to be careful about its mixture due to there is a chromatic harmony that must be taken in touch when we are going to paint some walls or buy accessories. We’re sure that you love red, right? But you must have to be cautious about how you will use it or where you are going to put that color accessory.

In some cases, a red wall is not the best option, but a red lamp fits the house atmosphere. It’s not only the color itself, but we can look for the best accessories that fit with the color’s mixtures and create a perfect environment. It’s the details as these that will make your house feel like home. You need to hit the center of the target with them.

Use your preferences to make your decoration your sign. It must be all about your likes and dislikes. If you’re an animal lover, you can decorate inspired on that, a puppy bone, maybe your cat’s footprint or you can also paint your favorite animal portrait on one of your walls, everything is possible if you do what you like. These days it is popular to paint it like one of the character from the Lion King. It is an option on your table as many others.

Another thing that you can use if you like is the eco-friendly decoration, which is plant-based, trying to taking care of the planet, it looks so cool, really? Well, it will be possible if you choose the right decoration based on your likes.

Little things that make your home unique

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You must also consider decoration tips as details; these little things that make your home unique are so important to get comfortable and relax for your guests and even for yourself. You already heard that details make big things perfect, and this is one big truth.

A good sofa, a pretty carpet, or a shower with style can become a no soul place in a warm and welcoming home, which will produce and entirely satisfaction for you and your family. The ceramic tiles are very important; they are mostly used to decorate floors or kitchen walls because they prevent these places from getting dirty or gain some imperfections. Kitchen tiles are very important, as most families spend time there during meals, and you don’t want to stare at a bad choice of tiles every day.

Curtains could be other of your best partners if we talk about home design or decoration, they safeguard the living room of the sunrises that radiate directly. You can also have your privacy, and if you choose well, they will be the attraction of the house. Most people choose unicolor curtains, but if you want to be more audacious, many patterns can combine with your home, not only white and black but also a lot of colors that can help you improve you home-style decoration. In the end it all comes to other items around your house, particularly the windows. The curtains need to match them, depending on the glass, wood, or plastic used to build them.

Furthermore, it’s also essential to have matching furniture. One of the most useful furniture is sofas! They can make your home a place to be every day, and they exist in a lot of models, and they have different shapes that can combine with you.

Sofas aren’t only for the living room, and you can put a Sofa in your bedroom because they are so comfortable and help fill places that used to be empty. We must be secure that they provide comfort for our bodies because if we buy something that is not functional, we’ll get tired of that so fast.

The decoration is more than a job, it’s an art. That’s why we must pay attention to what things we put inside our home and what’s their purpose. We must remember that our home must reflect comfort and warmness, and the most important thing, it must be unique.

Know Your Measurements

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Once you got a grasp on all the things we mentioned above, it is time to think about one thing, which is crucial for all of the above – the measurements. The size of furniture, curtains, windows, tiles needs to match the size of the rooms where they’re used. This is the most critical thing there is. Choosing colors and materials are all good and well, but the size needs to fit. If the sofa we talked about above is too big, it could consume the room and make you feel that the place is crowded at all times. If you use smaller chairs in a spacious living room, you might get the feeling that you have none at all. Be sure to measures all the places and spaces you have in your home before you go shopping for furniture. The height, the depth, all of it. It would be best if you became a detailist once you set up to do this task.

Even things you’ll typically overlook, such as radiators, stairs, and some small spaces under the stairs, or additional rooms you still don’t have appliance for, need to be measured with precision. Have you ever considered the window openings? You need to measure spaces above, below, and on the sides of the windows. There’s no place in the house you need to skip.

The biggest mistake people make is to take the measure of both the space and the furniture with their eyes. This can create havoc in the plans you had for your home. Buying furniture that’s too big or too small is always a hustle. Even if you decide to stick with them, it’s only a matter of time before they become torn in your eye. Please, avoid problems of this kind by measuring everything in advance. You know how they say: measure twice so that you need to cut only once.