Home Improvement Ideas – 8 DIY Projects That Can Refresh Your Home

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, all of us have spent a lot of time inside our homes. Stuck indoors in quarantine, it’s not difficult to spot all the things that simply crave for a makeover. Time is on our side, so why not use it?

It seems that the pandemic is going to continue for quite a while, and the most productive way to deal with boredom is to get busy with DIY home improvement projects. Here are some ideas to consider in and around the home.

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1. Garage


It may seem odd to start with the garage, but most garage spaces are strictly utilitarian. That provides you with more room for mistakes and imperfections.

Seize that opportunity and declutter the rest of your home by hanging custom shelving inside the garage. That way you’ll also learn some basic DIY woodworking skills. Trying to make the most out of a sheet of plywood will teach you a lot about planning, too.

2. Outdoors


During this pandemic when our movement is restricted, the outdoor space of our homes becomes the oasis where we can take a break from indoor confinement, breathe fresh air, receive our daily dose of vitamin D, and enjoy the natural surrounds.

There are plenty of DIY home improvement projects you can do outdoors. You can start with simple exterior improvements such as a fresh coat of paint on your door, window shutters, and exterior trim. If the sidewalk is pitted or chipped, fix it. If the vinyl siding is broken or cracked, replace it. Even landscaping that may seem like an overwhelming chore can be done systematically and easily with a few tricks.

We need our backyards to be cozy, perhaps, more than ever. Consider building a small patio now that you have the time. And don’t be afraid to use all available resources at your disposal to achieve your goals. In this digital age, Youtube is full of DIY guidelines and tutorials (more information on Renovation Kingdom), that can not only inform your build, but also inspire some ideas you hadn’t thought of previously. There is a huge wealth of free, helpful information out there, so make the most of it.

3. A Simple Swap


As we move on to the interior, you should know that a simple swap of knobs and pulls can sometimes make the whole room look completely new. All you need to know is how to use a screwdriver, so this is a quick DIY makeover that requires zero skills.

It can do wonders in bathrooms and kitchen, but we recommend doing it in other rooms as well beforehand. New pulls and knobs can add more dimension, color, and character, elevating the look of the entire home.

4. Floors


Now is the perfect time to get rid of those irritating floor squeaks, especially if your family members have the habit of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Most people presume wrongly that this is a large-scale DIY project, but all you need to do is to drive the screws into the floor joists. You’ll easily locate the joists following the existing screws or nails. So take a pencil, walk around, and mark all squeaky spots. Then take some 2-inch screws and drive them into the joists, about 6 inches apart.

5. Walls & Ceilings


We all know that a new coat of paint can do wonders. Choose some warm, soothing colors and the room will already look fresher. Sometimes it’s enough just to paint the moldings and trim around the doors, just make sure you use enough painter’s tape. You can go the extra mile and even add crown molding – all that you need is patience, ladder, and a power screwdriver.

Another way to add personality to your rooms is with wallpaper. You can use them for the whole room or just on an accent wall. With peel and stick wallpapers this solution is not permanent as painting, which is especially handy in the children’s room where the style needs to change as they grow older and their tastes and interests change.

6. Kitchen


Contrary to popular belief, the kitchen update doesn’t have to be costly nor complicated. Try to paint your kitchen cabinets before you decide to install new ones. This one step could redesign the kitchen’s overall theme.  The same goes for the laminate countertops – if they’re worn, simply resurface them for the fresh look. It’s basically no harder to do than painting.

If the backsplash looks old and dated, peel and stick tiles are the quickest and cheapest fix. No person will be able to tell the difference between those and regular tiles and applying them is the same as neatly applying the sticker. They’ll stay put and won’t damage the surface below.

7. Bathroom


While a bathroom remodel does require professional help and some investment, there are a few small DIY projects that can make a big impact such as a vanity makeover or showerhead update.

Re-caulking the bathtub or shower will not only freshen up the whole bathroom, but you’ll also learn an essential home repair skill in the process.  Bathroom decor is also something that you can do on your own. Some nice plants can change the whole look of your bathroom, but you need to be careful when choosing the plants that can stand the humidity.

8. Lights


No home improvement will make things better if the lighting is bad or inadequate. If you have any dated fixtures, now is time to replace them. Simply pick the new ones and follow the install directions. If your fixtures are not outdated, but something still seems to be missing, try switching the shades on your lamps. Sometimes that can change the perspective and the perception of the home instantly.

As you can see, many small DIY projects don’t require any advanced skills, but rather some good old fashioned elbow grease and a focused determination to see your projects come to fruition. The result will be a refreshed interior where confinement will not only be more bearable but also more pleasurable.