Tips for a Brighter Living Room

Summer is coming, and light and sunshine come together with it. It is about time to prepare our houses for the most colorful season and leave the winter darkness behind. And what’s the best way to do this? By making your living room shine, of course. Keep reading to find out what you have to do to create a brighter atmosphere inside your home.

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Tips to make your living room shine

If we have a living room with a lot of natural light, or if our living room does not have many windows or is facing north, it is important to know how to keep it bright, so that it can continue to be the center of the house, a cozy room in which to spend the afternoons in front of the television, reading the newspaper or having a quiet coffee. For this reason, here are some tips to keep the living room bright and comfortable, even during the gray of winter.

Glass doors

They are classic in living rooms. The glass doors offer a traditional and cozy look to our living room, but they are not the only option. Today we can find fully glass doors that will provide a very modern and minimalist touch. The important thing is to know how to choose the one that best goes with the style of decoration of the house. At can help you choose the best interior doors for your living room and make it brighter. They are experts in interior doors and have a big catalog to choose the best door to match the decoration of your home.

If we decide to install a door model, we are going to realize the difference with respect to the brightness. If our living room faces north, the door with glasses can allow light from the other side to enter the room. In the opposite case, we will get the light to enter the rest of the house thanks to the glass in the door and illuminate all the corridors of the house as well.


Mirrors multiply spaces and also its light, that’s why are always a great option to increase the luminosity of our rooms. In the living room, we identify the mirrors with a classic and elegant style, but not always. For example, a larger mirror placed on the floor and very close to the window increases the luminosity of the space and manages to give a bohemian and casual touch to the living room.

Light colors

We know that it is not very practical to change wall colors every season of the year, but light colors help to increase the feeling of light in the room. If we have a room with low light, it is important to take this detail into account before painting the walls in dark and raucous colors. A living room is much more than its four walls, so there are other ways to have a brighter room. One option is knowing how to choose the colors of the textiles: curtains, rugs, cushions, etc.

The light colors give a greater feeling of spaciousness to the living room and a light touch. But this does not mean that only sober rooms are bright, a note of color is never counterproductive; on the contrary, it brings joy.


The ideal to capture the maximum possible light would be to do without curtains or blinds that reduce the entry of light into the living room. However, we already know how important curtains can be for the decoration of the living room. It is not just a matter of privacy, but also aesthetics since the curtains dress the room. For this reason, it is best to find curtains that let the light shine through, preferably with light colors and simple prints.

Artificial light

Doing everything possible to take advantage of natural light in our home does not mean that we have to forget about the importance of artificial lighting. This will be basic at night, and with it, we can also help create a warm and bright space. It is best to choose central lamps that allow light to reach every corner of the room. However, it should not be forgotten that the living room is a multifunctional area in which we carry out different activities that require different types of lighting. The ambient lights, the lamps, and the floor lamps will help us make our living room look more comfortable and pleasant.

Furniture and objects

If we think about this principle of minimalism: less is more if we have fewer objects, decoration, and furniture in the living room, the brighter it will be. It is a very easy thing to understand: light spreads more intensely if it does not collide with objects that serve as a barrier, or that add different colors to the set. If we do not fill the room with furniture, we will be able to take advantage of any point of light.

Do not fill the central area of ​​the dining room with furniture and objects, and it is better that there are no very large pieces of furniture, with a dark personality or from another era. A very interesting and feasible option for living room coffee tables is to choose them made of glass.

Metal accessories

In the same way that glass and mirrors greatly favor the living room environment to take advantage of the light, metallic surfaces favor this luminous sensation of space. Metal reflects light and multiplies it. We can decorate our living room with trays, vases, and other metallic decorative elements.


The couch is one of the most important elements of the living room, depending on our choice: the whole personality of this area of ​​the house can be jeopardized or become a style reference. A suitable sofa is always an important choice, just like choosing the right fabric. Bright fabrics, in light and soft tones, enhance light and the effect of clarity. Yellows and light blues are always safe choices.