Does The Interior Lighting Act As A Mood Changer?


Light has biological and psychological effects. It has the ability to impact our health in a good way. Some individuals may question this but researchers have found out that it does impact the well-being of us, human beings.

It is commonly observed and seen too that on a bright and sunny day, people feel active and brighter inside. Similarly, in the winter, when there is not that much light, sometimes a gloomy feeling comes over an individual. Having a brighter atmosphere at work increases creativity. Hence, you must have observed offices with large windows to bring in the light.

Effects On Light On Health – As A Mood Changer

Biologically, it impacts us to improve our mood. It makes us active. Studies show it stabilizes our cardiac rhythms too. Most importantly, it improves our mood and reduces our mood swings. So, eventually having a bright atmosphere helps us to reduce depression if any.

Not only for natural light, but artificial lighting too in the form of interior lighting of our homes and offices acts as a mood changer. We further explain how interior lighting acts as a mood changer. You will find lots of soothing interior lights in for your ultimate mood changer.

  1. Interior lighting which is blue in colour brings in more energy to us. It has the ability to make us more alert. Hence, the individual becomes more active and gets productive results in his or her work. Studies have shown when the participants were exposed to short wavelength but high energy blue light, they were more productive. This type is most effective during the daytime.
  2. When there is a bright light, some individuals experience positive emotions. Emotions become intense in brighter light according to researchers who have conducted studies in this area.
  3. Designing your interiors to get the maximum sunlight to enter your home or office is brilliant. Natural sunlight brings wonders to the human body. It helps maintain normal cardiac rhythms.
  4. Natural light also helps in the prevention of depression along with providing Vitamin D. There are therapies which involve and includes exposure to sunlight as a prescription/remedy for the treatment of depression. Many studies have also proven this fact.
  5. Red interior lighting can improve mental health according to studies if used in the evening. The reason given is that, in the evening, being in the presence of red light helps to secrete melatonin which leads us to get a good sleep. If your sleep is proper, mood and health improve drastically.
  6. Greenlight, the colour of nature brings in the feeling of progress. It helps in the creation of growth hormones according to researchers.
  7. Light therapy is used for patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a mood disorder which occurs at certain times of the year, especially during the winter.

Other Impact Of Lighting

There is impact or lighting in the way we eat also. Take the example of restaurants where there are dim lights. Here, we eat slowly as the reduced lighting gives us a relaxed feeling. On the contrary, it is the opposite if the restaurant is lighted well enough. We tend to eat faster in a lighted atmosphere.