Dog Skin & Coat Care Tips Every First Time Owner Should Know

Once you get a dog, you get a best friend who will always be faithful to you. However, with it comes a great responsibility, because remember that your pet has only you. So you have to make an effort to take proper care of him. This applies not only to food and walking, but also to an equal commitment to his fur. So, your pet’s skin deserves the same quality treatment as your skin. He is still just a small and helpless being who does not know how to take care of himself and that is why you are here as his owner to take complete care.

However, when you take care of a dog for the first time, things like this can become confusing. There is so much new information that you have to adopt at once and it is hard for you to get into the routine. Owners who have had experience with dogs before already have a habit and it is much easier for them to have the whole process. If you want to adopt useful tips as soon as possible, keep reading and find out some of the most important information you need to know.

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You have probably heard a million times about dietary tips for the purpose of improving the condition of the skin and the entire organism. We all know that our beauty actually comes from within, because food is our fuel. So, the foods we take into our body are seen on us and nothing is different with our little furry friends either. Yes, they require the same treatment when it comes to food. Of course, there is specialized food that is intended for a certain race, age, etc.

Inexperienced owners may be most at fault with food. Dogs deserve the same food treatment as we do, but they have far fewer options. For example, a person can afford very low quality food during the day, and that decision will not permanently damage his health. This is because human nutrition is very diverse and a balance is achieved. On the other hand, your pets eat the same meal a day, so choose carefully what it will be.

Key ingredients of the diet


First of all, the most important food ingredients are definitely protein. Since the coat is mostly of protein composition, this is quite logical. If the dog ingests chemicals, additives, artificial flavors and all other food ingredients of dubious quality through food, a problem can arise. Not only will he not be healthy. The fur will be dry and coarse, the hair will break easily and grow slowly, and your dog will shed too much or less than normal. Skin problems can also occur, it sometimes becomes so thick that seals appear on the body.

Lipids are also preferred, namely essential acid masks such as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 helps your pet’s skin to defend itself against various allergies, inflammation and dehydration. Be careful when choosing food for your dog, because if it is stored at high temperatures or has expired, it can lead to a drastic fatty acid deficiency. We must not forget the importance of vitamin and mineral, and the most important are vitamins A, E and C. Of the minerals are zinc, selenium, copper, etc.

Maintain your dog’s paws


Just as your heels can crack after a long activity that requires movement, so your dog gets tired after each activity. Of course, the skin on their paws is far thicker and more resistant, but also prone to problems in winter. So, it is a period of cold weather and this has a lot of effect on the drying of their little paws. That is why it is important to hydrate them with a suitable product so that his dried heels do not create an uncomfortable and painful feeling.

No matter what breed of dog you have, they are prone to frostbite during the winter and not just when it comes to paws. This also applies to ears and tails. Maybe he has really thick fur, but don’t let that fool you because the longer he stays in cold weather, the more he freezes. If you go out with your dog in such cold weather and you don’t know when it’s best to enter the house, decide for yourself. So, when it gets extremely cold for you, he probably feels the same way. This will protect the skin and health of your little friend.

Give him enough water


In case you didn’t know, excessive or too little water intake greatly affects the appearance of his skin and fur. Dehydration leads to irritated skin. Of course, inexperienced owners know that their dogs need water. However, it is important to make sure that you provide him with an optimal water intake, which will depend on several factors. In the first place is the size of the dog, and that will depend on his body weight. For example, a 10kg dog should drink up to 6dl of water in one day. It is important to know that water is also ingested through the food you eat, and healthy food allows for a good water intake.

Also, pay attention to giving your puppy water on time, because it is necessary to bring them water every two hours and they need more attention. In the end, the water intake also depends on the amount of movement. Don’t forget to bring water for the dog with you, but after the exercise you should not give him too much water because it can cause bloating. Dogs drink more water in summer than in winter, and if your dog is taking medication, it is best to consult a veterinarian about the optimal amount of water.



We must not forget to bathe your dog properly. If you do it yourself at home, it is important that you have good enough and customized products. Every dog ​​has a different coat, but also each of them requires quality ingredients that are in the shampoo. It must be pH neutral, suitable for the color and type of coat and this website can give you more answers about shampoo for dogs. When you bathe him, use a thick and soft towel, but also ear swabs and a hair dryer if it is really necessary. It is even better for your dog to spend time in a room where there is no draft after bathing and to dry naturally.

When it comes to dogs with extremely long and light hair, we have one piece of advice for you. During rinsing, add some additive to the water to help make the fur look as beautiful as possible. That way it will be perfectly white. You can also add a few drops of products to cockerels and similar breeds that will make their hair shine even more than usual.


All races need the same amount of attention when it comes to their coat and skin. Keeping fur has a lot of impact on a dog’s health and it is his mirror. That is why it must be clean, shiny, healthy and fresh. You should never neglect it, because the hair quickly gets tangled or starts to fall out. We hope we have helped you learn more about this to take even better care of your dog.