9 Items to Buy When you Get Your First Dog – 2024 Guide

Getting your first dog can bring a lot of excitement. Before you bring the dog home, however, you need to do a little shopping. Think about things like food, grooming, and sleeping. You may also need to consider how to handle your dog while you go to work or school. Many dogs need to stay contained in a crate or a specific room. Set up your dog’s bed and feeding station right away. Your new dog may need a safe place to go while they adjust to the new home. Set up special areas in the home for your dog to make them feel at home.

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1. Safety Accessories

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When you bring a pet into your home, you must consider possible dangers in your home. Dogs often try to eat items that can hurt them. This may include children’s toys, household items, and human food. You may find it helpful to use baby gates to keep your dog out of specific rooms in your home.

Proper walking supplies can help you keep your dog safe while out and about. Invest in a good collar, leash, and tag. Many dogs walk better with a harness, as well. If your dog gets lost, the tags on the collar can help you find them. Make sure you have their name, your phone number, and address on the tag. Experts at Closer Pets recommend investing in a dog or cat flap depending on the size of your pet, to keep them from running away and creating a safe and secure environment.

2. Food Storage

The puppy needs food, but not just any. Every dog loves to have its supplies fresh at all times. You’ll want to make sure this demand is fulfilled. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that dog food can succumb to staling just the way ours can. Furthermore, you want it secured in a safe place where other pets, rodents, and various pests and children can’t reach it. When you are in search of a new dog, please have this in mind. What you want for your home is a place where you can locate the storage in a way that’s easily accessible, convenient but not taking too much space. Store your dog’s food properly; he will know how to appreciate this gesture.

3. ID Tag With Your Phone Number

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Safety first, people! The protection of your dog needs to start with microchipping, but it shouldn’t stop there. When you get a new dog, whether it is an older adopted one or a newly bought pup, they tend to stray away from their new homes before getting used to it. If this happens, you’ll want for them to be able to find their way back as soon as possible. This is best achieved if they’re always wearing an identification tag on them. This way, the safety of your dog is at least partially secured. So when someone meets it on the street, they’ll be able to bring it back to you.

4. Car Seatbelt

As we already said, but it is worth repeating – safety first! Many people tend to be annoyed when they see other people treating their pets as humans, but that’s the way things need to be done. Our dogs are our best friends, after all. The same way we have special seats and belts for our children, we need to have them installed for our dogs when we travel by car. Dogs love to drive around with their heads out through the window, and we must ensure their safety in order to allow this. There are many belts and seats for dogs these days, and the choice lies solely on you, but you need to have one. The prices are reasonable, so you shouldn’t worry that you’ll have to part with too much cash. In the end, it’s worth only for you not to have too many worries about your most precious passenger. And, of course, no bone-eating and driving.

5. Plastic Poop Baggies

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We love our dogs, but for some things, they choose neither the time nor a place. In the end, it doesn’t matter. The dog got to do what a dog got to do; It’s your job to clean behind them. If they had hands instead of paws, they’d do it themselves without a doubt. But they can’t, so it’s your job. It doesn’t matter if your dog poops inside the house, in the yard, or on the street; you need to pick it up behind it. This is why it is essential to always have plastic poop bags on you.

6. Feeding Supplies

Do some research or talk to a vet about the best dog food for your new dog. Set up an area in your home with a food and water bowl. If you have a large home, you may benefit from placing more than one water bowl throughout the home. Get some treats to help train your dog and keep them entertained, as well.

7. Grooming Tools

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You may need minimal grooming tools if you have a short-haired dog. Dogs with short hair still enjoy a nice massaging brush, however. If you have a long haired dog, you can get a special brush to reduce shedding. Shampoo and nail clippers can also help you keep your dog in excellent condition. You can find high-quality grooming supplies at a discount with Chewy deal coupons on slickdeals.net.

8. Bedding

Dogs often enjoy their own special bed. You can get one for the living room and one for your room to keep your furry friend close by. You can also purchase extra blankets to protect your furniture. Think about where you want the dog to sleep and where you spend a lot of your time. If you have a home office, you may want an extra bed in there so your puppy can stay close to you during the work day.

9. Crate or Playpen

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Dogs often get mischievous and tear things up around the house. You need a safe place for your dog to stay when you are busy or need to leave the house. Puppies, especially, may need to stay contained to avoid extra messes. Many dogs enjoy their crate as a safe space for resting throughout the day, as well.

Think about the different areas in your home before you get your new dog. You may need to change a few things to keep your dog safe. Think about how you store food in your kitchen, for example. Large dogs can often reach items on the counters. Your dog can adjust to its new home better when you have all the necessities ready to go.